Bioclinic Naturals Melatonin Review

Jenny Michelle

Read our review below about Melatonin. This product induces sleep, reduces sleep onset latency and improves the quality of sleep. All of these benefits can be experienced without daytime performance being impaired or without creating a dependency.


The only active ingredient found in this formula is melatonin. It is said to improve the quality of sleep without creating a dependency or influencing daytime performance.

Inactive ingredients included in this formula are vegetable grade magnesium stearate, croscarmellose sodium, natural peppermint flavor, microcrystalline cellulose and lactose monohydrate.

We do find it concerning that many unnecessary and harmful ingredients are included in this formula such as preservatives, additives, binders, and fillers. There are many sleep inducing products on the market which contains only natural ingredients and they will, therefore, be better for your overall health.

We did find that there are a few key ingredients missing in this formula, namely chamomile, GABA, Calcium, Magnesium, L-theanine and Ashwagandha. All of these ingredients are crucial as they regulate the sleep/wake cycle. Another ingredient that is not included in this formula is L-ornithine. It relieves stress and promotes healthy sleep patterns.


One tablet should be dissolved under the tongue once a day at bedtime. After taking melatonin, you should not use machinery or drive for 5 hours after you have taken it. Make sure to consult your physician if you use the supplement for more than 4 weeks.


One bottle containing 180 tablets can be purchased through Amazon for $14.08.


After doing thorough research, we couldn’t find any info with regards to the manufacturer offering any kind of money-back guarantee. This might mean that they lack some confidence in terms of how effective their products truly are.

Melatonin Review – Conclusion

We found that Melatonin might be a good product when it comes to inducing sleep and improving the quality of sleep. We did find, however, that there are a few key ingredients missing which would definitely improve results, such as L-theanine, Calcium, Chamomile, Magnesium, GABA, Ashwagandha and L-ornithine. They all assist with promoting healthy sleep patterns, regulating the sleep/wake cycle and relieving stress.

We found it quite concerning that the manufacturer doesn’t offer any kind of money-back guarantee. This might mean that there are some concerns in terms of the effectiveness of their products.

We also couldn’t find any consumer reviews for this product. This might be a negative point for many new-time clients as many people prefer to read about other clients’ experiences before making a purchase.

We lastly, also found that this formula contains many unnecessary, harmful ingredients such as additives, binders, fillers, and preservatives. There are many products on the market which will offer you all the same benefits and more, which contains only natural ingredients. These natural formulas will, therefore, be much better for your overall health in the long run.

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