The Organic Pharmacy Arnica Jet Lag Review

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The product is safe, natural and mild to use. It may or may not be cost effective depending on how severe symptoms are.

The Organic Pharmacy Arnica Jet Lag Review

Jet lag and the insomnia, headaches and excessive day fatigue and disorientation it can bring is a familiar feeling for many travellers. So today, the product under review is Arnica/Cocculus 30c Jet Lag a homeopathic remedy.

Many treatments for time zone change syndrome include melatonin to help you sleep at night. Homeopathic remedies use different, all-natural botanicals. This branch of traditional medicine employs natural remedies which in themselves are not healing agents, but stimulate the body into healing itself. They do so by introducing more of the irritant causing the symptom into the body, although the irritant is in a different form. This spurs the body into rectifying the ailment.

Desynchronosis is caused when the body’s normal sleep-wake patterns are disturbed. These patterns are controlled by circadian rhythms. As these rhythms respond to light for waking up and night for sleep over 24 hours, they are thrown out if it is suddenly dark in four hours and not eight hours as expected. Jet lag affects older people more severely.


  • Arnica (Arnica Montana)
  • Cocculus
  • Sucrose
  • Rye Alcohol

All the products used are between 95% to 99% organic, so the quality is high. Arnica is used in homeopathy to help mend the body after physical trauma to reduce pain, particularly muscle pain, and also to aid with circulation. In addition, it also has anti-inflammatory properties. Combined with arnica, cocculus combats travel sickness, nausea and fatigue. The Rye alcohol is pure in form and is used in tiny quantities. Together with sucrose, it carries the homeopathic ingredients.

The combination of cocculus and arnica is a sensible synthesis. As homeopathy works differently for everyone, it is quite difficult to predict how an individual will respond. The challenge remains though that the day and night symptoms of travel sickness require a two-prong approach, which this product does no appear to adequately address.


Homeopathic remedies are generally safe for everyone and side-effect free. However, we would advise that pregnant and nursing women should still consult their doctor first. Suck one tablet before take off, and every four hours thereafter. Take one pill after landing. In severe cases, you can take up to 6 pills a day. Place a tablet on your tongue 15 minutes or more before or after food and drink.


You can buy one bottle of tablets for $19.99 on the product website. This is more expensive than some other products. How quickly you use the bottle will depend on how severe you travel sickness is.


You are able to return the product for a full refund within 7 days, provided it is in its original packaging and unopened. This renders the money-back policy virtually ineffective. There is no means of testing the tablets to see if they work, and the time frame for returning it is so short that you will likely still be on your trip.

The Organic Pharmacy Arnica Jet Lag Review – Conclusion

The product is safe, natural and mild to use. It may or may not be cost effective depending on how severe symptoms are. As far as alternative treatments go, the basic premise of the formulation seems to be sound.

Our concern with this Organic Pharmacy product stems firstly from the lack of a proper guarantee which does not instill confidence in consumers. This is evident by the very sparse consumer reviews on this product. As there are virtually zero reviews, it is impossibly to glean detailed insights into how the medication is working in practise. In addition, our research has shown that the most effect travel sickness remedies provide a day as well as a night formula so that there is a more targeted approach to the very different symptoms experienced from morning to midnight.

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