Genuine Health Fast Joint + Care Extra Strength Review

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Although the claims about eggshell membrane are impressive and do indeed seem to some extent to be backed by clinical trials, the product lacks consumer reviews.

Genuine Health Fast Joint + Care Extra Strength Review

It is almost impossible to live a full life without having experienced a joint ailment. Joint pain, bruising, stiffness and inflammation is a universal problem and occurs with age, due to injury and due to disease. Today we review an all-natural remedy for joint aches called Fast Joint + Care Extra Strength by Genuine Health. It is an interesting treatment in that it deviates from the normal ingredients such as MSM and glucosamine which are normally found in supplements for joint health.

In managing joint health, it is important to understand what exactly a joint is. It is the point where two bones meet, and are supported by connective tissue, cartilage and fluid. These all work together to keep you flexible, mobile and ensure a good range of motion. The fluid is important as it absorbs the impact of any pressure and also lubricates the tendons, tissue, ball-and-socket joints and bones themselves. This staves off abrasion.

Genuine Health relies on a formula of bromelain, avovida, and natural eggshell membrane to effect what it asserts is fast-acting relief. Fast Joint + Care Extra Strength is formulated to relieve pain, bring down swelling and significantly reduce inflammatory markers.


Each serving of two capsules contains:

  • Bromelain – 200 mg
  • Avovida – 300 mg
  • Natural eggshell membrane – 450 mg

The star of the formula that the manufacturer relies on is natural eggshell membrane. It is contained in a unique proprietary formulation called BiovaFlex. It promotes joint health and flexibility, and nourishes and strengthens joins with proteins, collagen and elastin. It helps the bone structure and surrounding tissues to withstand wear and tear, and repair itself.

Genuine Health says that compared to glucosamine, a joint health compound favoured in most other supplements, eggshell was shown to be five times as likely to reduce pain by more than 50%. Studies have indeed shown the benefit of eggshell membrane for joint health. In one German study, 500 mg of eggshell supplement reduced osteoarthritis in the study group by 30% over 10 days, and by 75% over 60 days. Both moderate and severe sufferers cited improvements.

Avovida is a proprietary blend made from avocados and soy seed. Not only is this incredibly protein dense and will help to strengthen brittle bones, it is also rich in good fatty acids. These are important to keep collagen, and therefore tissue such as tendons, healthy. Bromelain is extracted from the stem of the pineapple fruit, and has many medicinal benefits. Of these, its ability to reduce swelling and inflammation is of the most applicable in the context of joint health.


The recommended dose is two capsules per day with water and food. If you have an egg or soy or rare pineapple allergy, you should note that the product contains these. Seek advice first if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

You should be able to feel relief in as little as 5 days.


One bottle of 60 capsules or a 30-day supply sells for $34.99 on the product website. There do not appear to be any mass discounts. This is an expensive product when compared to other supplements.


There is a money back guarantee but it only applies to unopened products. This means you cannot trial the product and then return it. If you wish to exchange your unopened bottle, you must do so within 30 days.

Genuine Health Fast Joint + Care Extra Strength Review – Conclusion

Although the claims about eggshell membrane are impressive and do indeed seem to some extent to be backed by clinical trials, the product lacks consumer reviews. This could be because the product is new or because it deviates so radically from other joint supplement formulations. It is also very pricey.

We will the manufacturer’s assertion that you will start to feel relief in 5 days. In a German study, a third of patients felt some relief within 10 days, so this is possible. As with the study, if the pain is more severe, it could take up to one or 2 months to feel significant relief.

The real issue we have in recommending this supplement is that despite its promise, there is no real way to test the claims due to the lack of consumer reviews. If the eggshell formulation is working in practice, it hasn’t been attested to in any meaningful way. The other problem is that the guarantee is essentially meaningless. Given how pricey this supplement is, you would be making a high-risk purchase.

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