Estroven Review

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Estroven is one of the numerous solutions on the market that seek to help women deal with the effects of menopause.

Estroven Review

This review is intended to examine Estroven, one of the numerous brands that seek to help women deal with the many symptoms of menopause. The Estroven brand has six products, and this review is going to analyze one of its variations called Estroven Weight Management. All of the six versions contain active ingredients, to deal with all the common effects of this period in a woman’s life. The manufacturer claims that the remedy is effective in dealing with hot flashes, night sweats, and managing weight. Additionally, its creator credits it to be clinically proven to be safe and being free from estrogen.

This review endeavors to enable you to establish the facts for a better purchasing decision.


The ingredients in the Estroven products contain the following:

  • Black Cohosh
  • Soy Isoflavones
  • Magnolia Bark
  • Melatonin
  • Ginkgo Biloba
  • Proprietary Synetrim CQ (Cissus quadrangularis)

However, each product only contains a few of these ingredients. The Weight Management product specifically contains black cohosh root extract, soy isoflavones, and Cissus quadrangularis stem and leaf extract.

The Soy Isoflavones contained in the supplement helps in reducing the frequency and severity of hot flashes and night sweats. The proprietary Synetrim CQ assists in the balancing of declining serotonin levels, leading to weight management. The presence of Black Cohosh offers relief from moderate and severe menopausal symptoms that include flashes, insomnia, night sweats, dizziness, irritability, and anxiety.

The remedy contains no synthetic estrogen, preservatives, yeast, wheat, gluten, or lactose.


The manufacturer recommends taking one capsule daily. To get optimal results, consume it every day for a minimum of two months.

The manufacturer warns against taking this supplement if you are pregnant, nursing, or are intending to conceive. You are also supposed to get approval from a doctor before consuming this supplement. Doing so will allow you to avoid unnecessary side effects.


You can purchase this product from various online stores such as Amazon. A pack of 60 weight management capsules costs $42.90 on Amazon.


The purchase of this supplement doesn’t come with a manufacturer’s money-back guarantee. The absence of such a vital compensation policy leaves the consumer with the possibility of losing their money if they get unsatisfactory results from the product. This product has 93 user reviews that give it a 4.3-star rating out of a possible 5 on the manufacturer’s website. However, its consumer rating on Amazon is 3.7 out of 5 stars based on 316 reviews.

Estroven Review – Conclusion

Estroven is one of the numerous solutions on the market that seek to help women deal with the effects of menopause. The product has positive user reviews on Amazon and the manufacturer’s website. Additionally, this supplement has clear dosage instructions that make its consumption safe. But despite the few strengths the remedy has, it still exhibits some serious shortcomings that can prompt a prospective customer to look to the competition for better substitutes. The first major weakness of Estroven is that it lacks the much-needed money back guarantee. The absence of a refund policy exposes the consumer to the possibility of losing their money if they end up disappointed with the results of the supplement. Second, it seems that you need a range of products to better target the symptoms of menopause rather than finding the necessary ingredients in one specific product.

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