Martha Stewart Menopause Support

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This supplement is entirely natural and derived from organic fruits and vegetables that have many revitalizing and uplifting qualities.

Martha Stewart Menopause Support Review

This supplement is a fully natural, plant-based formula that is highly effective in relieving the symptoms of menopause. This supplement contains nourishing herbs, phytoestrogens that regenerate hormone production, and various vegetable and fruit extracts that strengthen and invigorate the body and keep the system healthy during menopause.

The unique blend of natural ingredients, extracts and powders makes for an ideal menopausal remedy. It also helps in relieving the stress, discomfort, anxiety and mood swings associated with menopause, so that you remain vital and energetic.


The following is a list of ingredients this supplement contains:

  • Chaste Berry Extract: Restricts production of prolactin and aids production of progesterone, hence regulating the hormonal imbalance in the system. Also relieves symptoms like night sweats and hot flashes.
  • Red Raspberry Leaf Extract: Relieves painful, irregular menstruation.
  • Vitamin E: Reduces hot flashes.
  • Red Clover Extract: Vital in restoring the decreased hormone levels.
  • Soy Isoflavones: Contains isoflavones which are natural, plant-based estrogens (phytoestrogens). Gives relief to symptoms like night sweats, mood swings, irregular sleep pattern, hot flashes, moodiness, irritability and anxiety.
  • Black Cohosh Root: Vital source of isoflavones which act as natural estrogens and alleviate symptoms like hair loss, hot flashes, anxiety and depression, mood swings, hair loss and brittle bones.
  • Vegetable extracts:
    • Onion extract
    • Broccoli sprout
    • Carrot
    • Kale
    • Brussels sprouts
    • Spinach
  • Fruit extracts:
    • Wild blueberry
    • Raspberry
    • Grape
    • Prune
    • Cranberry
    • Strawberry
    • Wild bilberry
    • Tart cherry

Thus, it is a mix of quite a few ingredients that are excellent in their nutrition. The product almost fulfils everything that a woman needs during her menopause.


The ideal dosage is two capsules per day. However, consult your physician who can guide you best as to what dose is best for your condition.

Side Effects

Martha Stewart Essentials Menopause Support has soy isoflavones. Therefore, it should be avoided by people who are allergic to soy.


Each bottle containing sixty capsules and is available at $16.99. First time buyers can avail a discount of 5%. This makes it an extremely cheap product considering its utility.


The packaging contains the National Science Foundation (NSF) mark. It has been cleared by the public safety and health organisation. Unfortunately, the company does not offer any other guarantee or operate a refund policy. Customers who may be dissatisfied with the product might find themselves at a disadvantage.

Martha Stewart Menopause Support Conclusion

This supplement is entirely natural and derived from organic fruits and vegetables that have many revitalizing and uplifting qualities. Its ingredients are an ideal cure for common symptoms like hot flashes, anxiety and night sweats. It is also available at a reasonable and affordable price, as compared to popular products. However, the product is not guaranteed and that would leave the consumer hesitant in buying the product.

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