Akeso Migrelief Review

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Akeso Migrelief is a solid supplement which is designed to be an option for individuals who suffer from chronic migraines.

Akeso Migrelief Review

If there is anybody in your life who suffers from migraines, you know how debilitating the illness can be, especially when a migraine comes on; typically everything has to come to an immediate halt in order to regroup.  So today we are reviewing Akeso Migrelief that is for individuals who are ages 12 or older who suffers from chronic migraines.  With their triple therapy relief made up for Feverfew, Magnesium, and Riboflavin, this product has been found to significantly benefit those who suffer from migraines.


The primary ingredients are:

  • Riboflavin (Vitamin B12) – 400 mg
  • Magnesium (citrate and Oxide) – 360 mg
  • Puracol Feverfew (whole leaf and extract) – 100 mg

Other Ingredients: Dextrates, Powdered Cellulose, Vegetable Gum, Stearic Acid, Sodium Starch Glycolate and Silicon Dioxide.

Feverfew inhibits the aggregation of blood platelets and is an inflammatory; Magnesium is known to be in low amounts for people who suffer from migraines; Riboflavin is also known to be in low amounts for migraine sufferers.

This product does not have yeast, corn, gluten, sodium, sugar, artificial colors, milk, wheat, soy, salt, flavorings or preservatives.


The product label states to take one capsule twice a day, preferably with food and the best benefit is designed to be after a 90-day build up of the supplement in your system, so you should not expect immediate results in purchasing this product.  Therefore you may consider purchasing the multiple packs so that the price point is lower if you are trying this product.

This product should not be used if you are under the age of two years old, or if pregnant, or nursing.


To buy this product, you may find it online at a number of sites as well as directly from the manufacturer.  One bottle of Migrelief costs $19.99; 3 bottles costs $54.99; 6 bottles costs $109.98. Free shipping is available for purchases of 3 or more bottles.

Each bottle has 60 capsules and is a 30-day supply. Since the product is moderately priced, you will need to be sure that you can afford the product.  If yes, you are advised to purchase the multiple packs which sell at a better price point.


The refund policy on MigreRelief is 90 days; they state that they will refund their online purchase if you are not satisfied for any reason, but they do not state if it’s for opened products or only unopened products.

Akeso Migrelief Review – Conclusion

Akeso Migrelief is a solid supplement which is designed to be an option for individuals who suffer from chronic migraines.  The number of potential side effects is not insignificant including diarrhea from the Magnesium and other gastrointestinal issues so this will be something you’ll need to consider if you wish to purchase this product.  Also though, the manufacturer is pretty upfront about the length of time you will need to be on this product in order to get the maximum effect and build up from the supplements – and that is 90 days.  So if you do plan to use this product, you need to be aware that, in fact, it will be many months of using this product and that is certainly a financial consideration you’ll need to make.  Our suggestion is to be sure that there are no other products available that have better formulas for the migraine supplement before you commit to this product.

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