Enzymatic Therapy Petadolex Pro-Active Review

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Made in Germany, this seems to be only a fair quality migraine product available for individuals suffering from migraines.

Enzymatic Therapy Petadolex Pro-Active Review

People who suffer from headaches or migraines know that the most important thing to have to happen is the need to get relief right away.  Therefore we are in search of a product that will really be a go-to product for migraine suffers.  Today we are reviewing Enzymatic Therapy Petadolex Pro-Active which has been designed to help soothe your headache and allow your blood vessels to relax in the brain.  They claim that their 3-month clinical studies show that this product can reduce the occurrences by as much as 62% after using the product for two months.


The primary ingredient in this product is Purple butterbur (Petadolex brand) Root Extract standardized to 7.5 mg petasins – 50 mg.  The Butterbur Plant that is part of the specialized formula of this product is grown in Germany and Switzerland.  It contains several compounds including Petasin and Isopetasin which helps to support healthy blood vessels in the head.

Other ingredients are Medium Chain Triglycerides, Gelatin, Glycerin, Sorbitol, Purified Water, and Riboflavin Color.

This product has no artificial flavoring, dairy products, preservatives, salt, corn, gluten, sugar, soy, yeast or wheat.  It’s unfortunate that the product has gelatin and cannot be used by vegetarians and vegans.


Instructions state to take 1 softgel three times a day.  There is no other information about how to take the product (with or without food).  There is a warning on the product that this product should not be used if you have any liver problems or if you develop signs of liver issues with stomach pain, dark urine, or you become jaundiced.  If you are pregnant or nursing, please consult your doctor before using this product.


To purchase one box of 60 softgel, the manufacturer offers this price for $52.99; it is also available on third-party websites for significantly less money at $26.95 and there is a two-pack option (120 softgels) for $55. You are certainly advised to do the consumer shopping you will want to do to get the best price for this product.


The manufacturer does not offer a guarantee for their products. They do allow returns to be made within 60 days of the purchase, but only sealed and unopened products may be returned, and expired products are not accepted.  Our first thought in reading this policy is why the manufacturer would be sending you a product that would be expiring so quickly within the 60 days of the return.  We encourage you to be sure that the inventory for this company is new and updated and that you are not ordering expired products.

Enzymatic Therapy Petadolex Pro-Active Review – Conclusion

Made in Germany, this seems to be only a fair quality migraine product available for individuals suffering from migraines.  Unfortunately, the product has very mixed reviews and there are a lot of people who have tried the product since it available for a low price.  But many of the complaints are from it causing diarrhea and having a bad aftertaste.  Perhaps the most overwhelming complaint was that it caused stomach pains and so customers had to discontinue its use according to the warning instructions on the product label.  We were rather concerned enough with the customer feedback that we recommend that you try one of the well-reputed migraine products available that comes with excellent customer feedback so that you are quickly on your way to getting the relief you need.

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