Green Virgin Products Moringa Leaf Powder Review

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It is certified Kosher and comes in a 3 layer resealable pouch, the product comes with an oxygen absorber inside the package to be sure it is double sealed and keeps out the light.

Green Virgin Products Moringa Leaf Powder Review

Many people consider Moringa to be a superfood and the leaves are a key part of supplements that are produced today.  The tree which is native to India is commonly referred as the drumstick tree since it is full of antioxidants, nutrients, and other beneficial compounds including B vitamins, Iron, Vitamins A & C, Zinc, and Magnesium.  And with the new rage around the value of Moringa, we are reviewing a product called Green Virgin Products Moringa. It is known to assist with all types of medical maladies including diarrhea, high blood pressure, thyroid disorders, arthritis, and helping to increase and maintain a solid milk supply for nursing mothers.


There is only one ingredient in this product and it 2000 mg of 100% Moringa Oleifera Leaf Powder for every 2 grams (1 tsp).  It has 90 nutrients, 16 antioxidants, 9 Amino Acids. It has three times the amount of iron of spinach.

The Moringa in this product is not oxidized and therefore is high in quality.  It has no fillers, sweeteners, or preservatives and it is harvested, dried and packaged with 8 hours of being picked.


The amount of Moringa that you should take is varied and there are not clear instructions from the manufacturer other than setting up a range.  The minimum amount for someone who weighs on average 150 pounds is 2 grams each day which is 1 tsp of this product.  Someone who weighs 75 pounds would take at least 1 gram a day.  You may take up to 10 grams a day, but it is best to start with 2 tsp.  It can be mixed with any beverage (Water, juice shake, smoothie, or soup).  You can even add Moringa into cookie recipes by replacing it with 5-10% of the flour.


The manufacturer sells this product for $13.99 for 150 grams of the product, or buy fifty 2-gram packets for $42.99.  There is a 10% off coupon on the website but we did not see any discounts available for multiple packages.  Third-party retailers have the product but it appears to be out of stock, so pricing was not available.  Other forms of the product are available as well including capsules.


There is a 90-day guarantee offered by Green Virgin Products, but they do not state specifically if the returns are accepted if the product has been opened.  There is very little information and it is advisable to check with the manufacturer if you plan to make the purchase.

Green Virgin Products Moringa Leaf Powder Review – Conclusion

It is certified Kosher and comes in a 3 layer resealable pouch, the product comes with an oxygen absorber inside the package to be sure it is double sealed and keeps out the light. And it is from the mountainous areas of the Philippines with no pesticides, and in powder form is easy to digest. Unfortunately, the price for the Moringa powder is quite expensive in comparison to other products on the market which are also 100% Moringa.  It is questionable why one Moringa product comes at such a higher price as another and the conditions around any returns seem to leave a question mark as to whether you can try the Moringa and return it if unsatisfied.  There are many manufacturers who generously return open products and allow for true risk-free purchasing.  It’s not clear if Green Virgin Products is one of those companies; they leave it very vague.

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