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The emphasis on quality in this supplement is laudable. So too is King Moringa’s clear efforts to communicate the source and quality of their moringa leaf extract offering

King Moringa Moringa Review

King Moringa brands its moringa capsules quite simply as a quick and easy way to ingest your moringa dose. But why should you care about wanting to ingest moringa at all? Only because this herbal and plant wonderfood, which is native to south-east Asia has truly earned its label as a miracle cure-all – over 1 300 scientific studies attest to this. It contains at least double the concentration of virtually any phytonutrient you can think of, and in many cases triple and 10-fold the amounts of specific nutrients. Moringa has over 90 protective compounds.

This plant is a powerful anti inflammatory, with various parts of the plant also being used to help the body externally, such as by soothing the skin. In reality, most people in the west consume moringa as a fat loss aid, as it regulates blood sugar and therefore naturally leads to a suppressed appetite. The other myriad of successful applications of this wonderplant as been to help people with asthma, diabetes, digestive ailments, hormonal imbalances, issues relating to aging and slowing down degenerative tissue, and as a mood and brain health stabilizer.


  • 630g moringa leaf powder

Each vegetarian-friendly capsule contains 630g moringa leaf powder. King Moringa does not contain additives, GMO or caffeine. The emphasis is on the purity of the supplement as the manufacturer grows its own moringa in the Dominican republic, and dispatches its products at the more pressure-friendly environment contained in air freight than is the case when shipments are involved. The herb itself is a dense bed of minerals and nutrients, including protein, vitamins, beta-carotene, amino acids and various phenolics.

We would have liked disclosure on the capsule contents but these are not readily provided.


This supplement contains 630g moringa per capsule, and King Moringa advises that you take 4 to 10 capsules per day with water depending on how fast you would like to see results. The usage instructions are unclear other than this but always take capsules with a full glass of water, whether this is stated or not.

Clear use with your doctor especially if you use medication for diabetes and high blood pressure, as moringa also treats these ailments.


A bottle of 120 capsules sells for $30 in the King Moringa online store. Use 1 to 4 capsules per day. This represents a 1-month supply at worst given the recommended dose, which is better than some other manufacturers who are supplying 60 capsules that will last 2 weeks for about the same price.


There is no evidence of a guarantee policy or returns policy even though this was thoroughly researched for this review.

King Moringa Moringa Capsules Review – Conclusion

The emphasis on quality in this supplement is laudable. So too is King Moringa’s clear efforts to communicate the source and quality of their moringa leaf extract offering, although it would have been good to know what the extraction ratio is. It should be possible to take 2 capsules and see results, however gradual, as the recommendation of up to 10 capsules – which would leave you with 6300g moringa in your system – is excessive.

A concern in this review is that King Moringa does not seem to offer a refund for your purchase. It is always best to go with a manufacturer who also takes financial aspects such as refunds, bulk discounts and different sized bottles into account, as using moringa is a long-term commitment.

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