GreeNatr Moringa Oleifera for Health & Well-Being

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This product does use a good ingredient in a somewhat safe dosage and therefore it may be beneficially an ok option, however, the provided guarantee is noticeably misleading

GreeNatr Moringa Oleifera Review

The following is an informative review of a product called GreeNatr Moringa Oleifera and it will explore the facts about this product. The manufacturer claims that this product will boost your metabolism and also restore and increase your energy levels while also increasing memory and focus abilities and that it will also better your general mood. This product also claims to be 100% natural and vegetarian-friendly.


Moringa oleifera is packed full of vitamins, minerals and proteins and it works as an antioxidant. This ingredient has many health benefits such as treating anemia, assisting with thyroid disorders, boosting metabolism and many others. Unfortunately, research does show that this ingredient is only safe when used correctly inadequate dosages of 6 grams daily for three weeks which suggests that it may not be safe when exceeded and therefore we advise that you rather use this ingredient with under the supervision of a healthcare practitioner.


The manufacturer suggests that you can use two capsules per day and that this product is beneficial for pregnant and lactating mothers which is rather concerning as research has shown that the key ingredient used is likely to be unsafe for use of pregnant and lactating women and therefore we recommend that you should only use this product under the advice of a doctor as a safety precaution regardless of this product using a seemingly safe dosage.


You can purchase Moringa Oleifera online directly from the manufacturer’s website and it will cost you $17.97 for a bottle that contains 60 vegetarian-friendly capsules which are suggested to be a one month supply if used as recommended by the manufacturer.


The manufacturer of this dietary supplement offers a money back guarantee that is valid for 90 days from your purchase according to their website. They state that they will happily refund opened bottles and pay for the shipping costs, however, they vaguely state that you should contact them regarding the refund of opened bottles which may suggest that this guarantee does not cover the effectiveness or promised results that it may offer and therefore, this is a rather weak guarantee.

GreeNatr Moringa Oleifera Review – Conclusion

This product does use a good ingredient in a somewhat safe dosage and therefore it may be beneficially an ok option, however, the provided guarantee is noticeably misleading as it may not cover the refund of products that have been opened and so if you are not completely happy with the effects of this product, you may not get your money back. It is concerning that this product claims to be safe for pregnant and lactating women considering that research clearly counters this claim and in general, based on all the relevant information found on this product, it probably is not your best option and we suggest that you should rather opt for a more suitable product that is available from trusted leading brands.

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