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Malunggay capsules are branded as a nutritional aid to lactating moms first and foremost. This is indeed one of the benefits of moringa, not to mention how nutritionally dense

Motherlove Malunggay Review

The benefits of mineral- and nutrient-dense moringa, a plant native to the Himalayas, is now so well-known that it has steadily gained prominence in recent years as a must-have supplement. For centuries, inhabitants of south-east Asia have been able to use every part of the tree – seeds, leaves, flowers, root and stem – to treat a variety of ailments. These have ranged from using the antioxidant properties of the plant to boost longevity, to elevate mood, to fight the break down of cell tissue, to protect brain health and to aid with respiratory and asthma issues. Most notably, moringa is used as a weight loss aid as it evens out blood sugar levels, thereby reducing food cravings and curbing the appetite.

Our review today is of Motherlove Malunggay liquid capsules. The product goes by its indigenous Indian name. Motherlove emphasizes the nutritional value of moringa, and the benefits for breastfeeding moms as it supports the production of breast milk.


  • Moringa leaf – 1158 g
  • non-GMO soy lecithin
  • modified vegetable cellulose
  • medium chain triglycerides

Malunggay does not contain any milk, dairy, egg, fish, shellfish, peanuts, wheat, or gluten which is good news for those with allergies. It is a certified organic product. The grammage of moringa as stated is per serving, which is 2 capsules. This is about twice as much as the recommended daily dose. We would have liked to know what the extraction ratio is, as this determines the potency and efficacy of the supplement. Taking moringa means harnessing the power of more than 90 minerals and nutrients – as for the purity of the product, we would have liked the manufacturer to disclose the source, method of harvest, and ratio of fresh moringa to liquid capsule but this hasn’t been provided. The leaves are known to stimulate natural breast milk production and the nutrients are highly nourishing to both mom and baby.


Take 1 capsule, 4 times daily. If you are a woman weighing more than 175 lbs, take 2 capsules, 3 times per day. You may take 1-2 oz. of liquid with the capsules but avoid additional liquids 15 minutes before and after each use. The reference to women is probably in the context of breastfeeding.

Always consult your doctor as moringa effectively lowers high blood pressure and diabetes. If you are using medication for the same conditions, this could be a problem.


You’ll pay $25.95 in the online store housed by Motherlove for 60 capsules. This is quite steep for a 2-week supply – bear in mind that you need to be using this for long periods to see results. There is no discount for buying in bulk.


We could find no evidence of one when we researched whether or not Motherlove had a returns policy.

Motherlove Malunggay Capsules Review – Conclusion

Malunggay capsules are branded as a nutritional aid to lactating moms first and foremost. This is indeed one of the benefits of moringa, not to mention how nutritionally dense and therefore beneficial it is. The manufacturer makes no reference to weight loss, but the herb does curb the appetite so you should benefit in this regard nonetheless.

Of concern is the lack of a money-back guarantee, not enough information by the manufacturer as to where it is sourcing its moringa and what the extraction ratio is. The result of the latter is that its difficult to tell if this is a strong or diluted moringa supplement. Then there’s the price. At the rate of 4 capsules per day, this could very well burn a hole in your pocket.

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