Nail Fungus

ZetaClear Review

ZetaClear is an all-natural nail fungus treatment. Its manufacturer promises ZetaClear helps repair and enhance ugly looking nails. The ZetaClear formulation is a proprietary combination of natural oils which are said to foster healthy nails, especially those infected by onychomycosis. If you are considering buying it read our ZetaClear review below to get the facts you…

Novartis Lamisil Review

Lamisil is a brand of terbinafine that is produced by Novartis Pharmaceuticals. It is a popular prescription medication for the treatment of nail fungus. According to its manufacturer Lamisil is effective drug for dealing with both fingernail and toenail fungus (onychomycosis) whose symptoms include cracked, yellow, thick and crumbling nails. The medication is designed to drive…

Nail Renu Thunder Ridge Review

Thunder Ridge® provides their customers with an outstanding natural alternative for treating sore, unattractive nails and foot odor called Nail Renu. The treatment contains an exclusive blend of specially processed Emu oil and aromatic essential oils with effective antimicrobial and healing properties. The Nail Renu contains 22 exclusive fatty acids that assist you with a… Protection Status

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