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We like that ZetaClear is all-natural and the claim that it has no side effects but after that there isn't much to like.

ZetaClear Review

ZetaClear is an all-natural nail fungus treatment. Its manufacturer promises ZetaClear helps repair and enhance ugly looking nails. The ZetaClear formulation is a proprietary combination of natural oils which are said to foster healthy nails, especially those infected by onychomycosis. If you are considering buying it read our ZetaClear review below to get the facts you need to make an educated purchasing decision.


ZetaClear is actually not a single product – it’s a combination of a topical solution and a homeopathic oral spray. Either may be bought separately they are recommended for concurrent use. The formula of the topical treatment includes:

• Almond oil
• Clove oil
Jojoba oil
• Lemongrass oil
Tea tree oil
• Undecylenic acid
• Vitamin E oil

The oral spray is a blend of homeopathic ingredients including:

• Antimonium curdum 200C
• Arsenicum album 200C
• Mancinella 30C
• Nitricum acidum 30C
• Sulphur 12X
• Thuja occidentalis 200C

Purified water and 20% alcohol are the other ingredients in the nail infection remedy.

The different oils in ZetaClear have shown potential in different ways for fighting nail issues. Lemongrass oil has antiseptic and antifungal properties, while antioxidant-rich vitamin E oil deals with scars resulting from nail fungus. Tea tree oil has good antifungal and antibacterial properties as well. Undecylenic acid is recognized by the FDA for treating fungus in fingernails and toenails.


The topical ZetaClear features a brush that is used to apply the solution to affected nails. Its manufacturer recommends applying it to the affected area a minimum of three times daily and one of those, ideally, is after you may have bathed. For the homeopathic oral remedy, individuals who are older than 12 years are to spray it under the tongue three a day.


You can get a supply of ZetaClear that can last you for a month for about $50 online. The price is for both the topical solution and homeopathic oral spray. However, if you need only the topical remedy, you can have a three-month supply for roughly $60 on Amazon.


Buyers get a 90-day money back guarantee with this product but it is a weak guarantee as they only accept back unopened product. So there is no risk-free test period. They also note the possibility of a restocking fee.

ZetaClear – The Bottom Line

We like that ZetaClear is all-natural and the claim that it has no side effects but after that there isn’t much to like. Although the combined oral-topical approach is a novel treatment method for nail problems, it doesn’t seem like the easiest product to use. In addition, Amazon customer reviews are discouraging with only 52% rating it positively and a disconcertingly high 40% rating it negatively. The applicator brush also raises a risk of (re)infection. Finally, the mone-back guarantee is weak. We would recommend looking at other nail treatment products.

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