The Tetra Corporation Formula 3 Antifungal Review

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Many people develop fungal infections on their skin, especially on their feet. Finding an effective antifungal treatment is therefore important, to obtain quick and long-lasting results.

The Tetra Corporation Formula 3 Antifungal Review

There are various products on the market stating that they can effectively treat skin-fungus infections. One of these is Antifungal. In this review, this nail fungus treatment will be examined: The product’s manufacturer claims that this product is absorbed quickly, going directly to the affected area. In addition, this being a treatment for athlete’s foot, amongst other fungal infections, the claim is that this product could help in the healing process of the skin.


This nail fungus treatment product contains the following active ingredients, namely:

Tolnaftate is an antifungal substance that actively kills skin fungal infections such as tinea cruris (jock itch), ringworm, and athlete’s foot. The natural Jojoba oil helps the active ingredient, tolnaftate, to be absorbed by the skin and distributed straight to the infected area. This natural oil is effective since it is almost the same as the sebum produced by the human sebaceous gland, making this oil almost identical to that produced by human skin.


The recommendation from the manufacturer is to apply this product twice daily, morning and at bedtime in the evenings. The product should be applied thus: 1) Clean the affected area and dry thoroughly. The skin between the toes should be particularly well cleaned and dried. 2) Apply a thick layer of the liquid over the area (twice daily). 3) Change your shoes and socks twice daily and  when feet get damp or wet.


This nail fungus product is not sold directly by the manufacturer, but is available through their network of doctors and third-party sites, such as Amazon, and eBay, to mention some sources. Our research found that on Amazon the product was unavailable. However, on another site the product was listed at $43.50 for a 15 millimetre bottle. No discounts are offered.


The manufacturer offers a full guarantee only if a customer buys the product through their doctor. Third-party sites are not covered by this money-back guarantee. However, third party suppliers may offer money-back guarantees. Customers should ascertain Ts & Cs before purchase.

Formula 3 Antifungal Review – Conclusion

Many people develop fungal infections on their skin, especially on their feet. Finding an effective antifungal treatment is therefore important, to obtain quick and long-lasting results. This product, Formula 3 Antifungal, seems to offer the results sought. It is backed by a full money back guarantee from the manufacturer, if bought through a physician. Our research found that reviews on Amazon are mostly of high quality. That said, there were only 18 reviews with only three (3) stars awarded to the product. Another issue with this treatment product is the cost. Not only is this product at the high end, a doctor’s visit must be added to amounts incurred should you wish for the manufacturer’s guarantee.  Furthermore, there are no discounts offered on this nail fungus product, which makes it uneconomical in the long run, compared with other, similar antifungal treatment products on the market.

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