Valeant Pharmaceuticals Jublia for Nail Fungus

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There is good reason to believe that this product can be helpful in dealing with fungus in the toenail.

Valeant Pharmaceuticals Jublia Review

Jublia is a product of Valeant Pharmaceuticals that aims to combat toenail fungus onychomycosis (tinea ungulum). It is a prescription-only topical remedy that, the company says, uses multiple pathways to reach the nail bed. Read our Jublia review to help decide if this product is right for you.


It appears there is only one ingredient in the Jublia formula and that is efinaconazole 10%.


You apply Jublia directly from the bottle using the applicator brush at the bottle’s opening. Simply turn the bottle upside down, wait until the brush is moistened and then apply one drop to the affected nail, without squeezing the bottle and use the brush to gently spread it across the nail surface (but not the cuticle). Repeat for each affected toe. For the big toe, apply a second drop to the tip of the toe beneath the nail.

The recommended treatment duration is daily for 48 weeks.


We could not find the price of Jublia on the manufacturer’s website while researching for this review.


It is not typical for pharmaceutical companies such to guarantee their products so there is no surprise that there was no mention of such on the product website.

Valeant Pharmaceuticals Jublia Review – The Bottom Line

There is good reason to believe that this product can be helpful in dealing with fungus in the toenail. Its manufacturer also says clinical studies have revealed that Jublia is a product you can expect to work. However, 48 weeks is a very long time to wait for relief and the unknown cost lead us to recommend you first try a non-prescription product with a shorter treatment timeline.

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