Omega 3-6-9 NutriTech omega-3 fish oil supplement

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It would not be fair to state that Nutritech Omega-3-6-9 is an inferior product, but it is difficult to say that this product should be highly recommended.

NutriTech Omega 3-6-9 Review

Omega 3-6-9 by NutriTech does not only contain Omega-3, but it is also made up of Omega-6 and Omega-9 essential fatty acids, which are also known as EFAs. Essential Fatty Acids are required by the human body for healthy functioning, however, the average American’s diet has sown that most American’s already have more than Omega-6 and Omega-9 EFAs and are lacking in the vital Omega-3.


Nutritech Omega-3-6-9 is made up of the following ingredients in unknown quantities:

  • Cold water fish oils – the oils are sourced from cold water fish, and there is some evidence to show that the oils have the ability to improve brain function as well as eye function.
  • Evening primrose oil – there is evidence available to suggest that this oil may have the ability to lower high blood pressure and to reduce high cholesterol.
  • Flax seed – certain studies conducted have shown that flax seed is able to lower bad cholesterol levels and also bring down high blood pressure.  Another benefit of flax seed oil is that is has been shown to prevent or aid in the prevention of hardening of the heart’s arteries.


It was found that the recommended dosage for this Omega-3 supplement is one softgel three times per day and that the softgels should be taken with meals.


When conducting the research on this product, it was discovered that there was no listed or set price for the purchase of Nutritech Omega-3-6-9.  As such, when an interested parties wants to make a purchase of Nutritech Omega-3-6-9, they would have to visit a different website or they would have to physically go into a store to enquire about the price.


Nutritech Omega-3-6-9 does offer a guarantee to buyers by way of a seven day money back guarantee. What this means, is that one is only able to test the product up to a maximum of seven days.  After which if they are not satisfied with Nutritech Omega-3-6-9 they are able to return it for a full refund.  The seven day guarantee period is by no means a meaningful money back guarantee, as a week is not sufficient time to actually put the effects of the product to the test.

Conclusion – NutriTech Omega 3-6-9

It would not be fair to state that Nutritech Omega-3-6-9 is an inferior product, but it is difficult to say that this product should be highly recommended. Nutritech Omega-3-6-9 is sold with a 7 day money back guarantee. The guarantee offered is proof that the manufacturers of this product are lacking seriousness in the longevity of their product being on the market. It is hard to see results in only seven days.

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