Omega 3

Young Life Research Omega-3 Review

Triple Strength Omega-3 by Young Life Research is a supplement containing Omega-3 essential fatty acids, which are also known as EFAs. For optimal functioning and wellbeing, the human body requires these essential fatty acids.  Should the body not have the sufficient amount of required EFAs, one can experience memory problems, loss of concentration, and various…

Minami MorDHA Prenatal Review

MorEPA Plus is an Omega-3 supplement manufactured by Minami’s Premium Omega-3. It provides 915mg of Omega 3 (635mg EPA and 195mg DHA) per softgel, and it has an extremely high concentration of Omega-3 – 92% Omega 3.  This high content is only achievable by making use of the patented Super-critical CO2 extraction process. MorEPA Plus offers…

Omega-3 Premium Review

Omega-3 Premium is under review below. This is a high-class Omega-3 supplement and is one of the best I have had the pleasure to review. This is an unadulterated, high dose Omega-3 product that is beneficial for cognitive health, the reduction of joint pain and for cardiovascular conditions. It has a large amount of EPA,… Protection Status

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