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ProstaCare by the Himalaya Herbal Healthcare may show positive results on many users, however, the effectiveness is below the mark when compared to other products out there that are similar to this one.

Himalaya Herbal Healthcare ProstaCare Review

Men need to take care of their genitourinary system and organs. Thus, if they are having complications, they need to choose a right product for their prostate gland. ProstaCare from the Himalaya Herbal Healthcare is a product in high demand because of its effectiveness in dealing with prostate complications. Apart from correcting urinary system problems, Himalaya Herbal Healthcare ProstaCare also works on sexual organs and boosts sexual performance.

ProstaCare also contains herbs and extracts from medicinal plants. ProstaCare also contains chemicals. Therefore, you cannot simply get this supplement from market and use it immediately. You need to consult a professional medical practitioner in order to use this product. The product also contains plant extracts with may nor may not have any effects on your body. Therefore, a lot of care needs to be taken while taking this product.

The Himalaya Healthcare ProstaCare, which is a gluten free dietary supplement, was developed from thorough scientific research and numerous clinical studies.

It is medically approved product which is always recommended by medical experts. The product has dual functions:

  • ProstaCare boots prostate gland and genitourinary system
  • Improve sex health in old men


  • Tribulus: eases pain, inflammation and other discomforts during urination, can cure erectile dysfunction and spermatorrhea (a condition when semen is released through urine), can boost sexual performance by sparking sex drive
  • Bonduc: works on enlarged prostate gland and maintains the actual size of prostate gland, also works on reproductive system
  • Betelnut: a seed of betelnut palm, this nut is very beneficial in prostate diseases and liver and esophagus cancer, betel nut palm is also believed to lower blood pressure and safeguard you from Type 2 Diabetes
  • Shatavari: An herb, which is also used a nutritional food, because of the presence of phytoestrogen compounds in shatavari, all the problems associated with urination will be removed. This herb strengthens male sex and reproductive organ and stop burning sensation and discomforts
  • Caper: beneficial for urinary track and urinary bladder, therefore, caper improves urination, the leaves of caper plant contain vitamins and protein

The Himalaya Herbal ProstaCare contains chemicals as well as extracts from medicinal plants. However, it does not contain:

  • Magnesium Stearate
  • Yeast
  • Wheat
  • Corn
  • Preservatives

Interestingly, aforementioned ingredients are very common ingredients in nutritional supplements intended for prostate dysfunction.


The recommended dose of ProstaCare is two tables twice a day, usually after morning and evening meals. Having said that you should always consult a doctor before using it.


The standard retail price of ProstaCar from Himalaya Herbal Healthcare is around $41. Nevertheless, you can get discounts for this product which may reduce the price as low as $35.


There is no risk involved while buying this product. In case you are not satisfied with the result, you can return this product within 30 days of buying and get a refund through money back offer.

Conclusion – Himalaya Herbal Healthcare ProstaCare

ProstaCare by the Himalaya Herbal Healthcare may show positive results on many users, however, the effectiveness is below the mark when compared to other products out there that are similar to this one. This product also does not seem to be FDA cleared.

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