Biotech Nutrition's Pure Raspberry Ketones supplement

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This dietary supplement does seem to be formulated with a safe dosage of its main ingredient that may be beneficial for weight loss and metabolism.

Biotech Nutrition’s Pure Raspberry Ketones Review

This review examines all the facts about a product called Pure Raspberry Ketones. This product claims contain pure raspberry ketones. The manufacturer’s website, unfortunately, does not have much information regarding what this product should be used for, however, it could be assumed that raspberry ketones could increase your metabolism and also help with weight loss.


  • Pure Raspberry Ketones – 500 mg

Raspberry ketones have some properties that may help benefit hair growth and also assist with the improvement of elasticity within the skin, it is also suggested according to research that it may be beneficial for the regulation of a healthy metabolism as well as assisting with blood sugar levels. Raspberry ketones also increase the process that breaks down fat by releasing a hormone called adiponectin.


The manufacturer advises that you should take one to two capsules at least half an hour before a meal. It is also suggested that to increase the results of this product, that you may take these capsules before working out. It is not suggested how many times per day you may take this supplement which is rather unusual. This product should also not be used by anyone that is younger than 18 or if you are pregnant or nursing, and it is also suggested that you should rather seek advice from a healthcare practitioner before attempting to use this product if you have any medical conditions.


You can buy this dietary supplement online directly from the manufacturer’s website. This product is listed at $29.99 for a bottle that contains 120 capsules. It is rather unfortunate that there are not any discounts available for this product which may be rather disappointing should you prefer to purchase this product in bulk.


The manufacturer does offer a money back guarantee within 30 days of purchase, however; there is no indication of what kind of condition the product should be in when returning it for a refund. It is also not advised whether or not they refund any shipping costs involved. It is slightly upsetting that the manufacturer’s website is extremely vague regarding their return policies.

Pure Raspberry Ketones Review – Conclusion

This dietary supplement does seem to be formulated with a safe dosage of its main ingredient that may be beneficial for weight loss and metabolism. It is pleasing that the manufacturer does offer a 30 day money back guarantee should you not be completely happy with the results of this product, however, it is very upsetting that there is not much information for this product provided by the manufacturer and that their website is extremely vague and brief regarding any relevant information, such as the description of what this product is actually for. It is concerning that there is also no customer reviews available for this supplement, this may cause a great deal of worry when considering how effective this product has been from a social perspective.

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