Futurebiotics Red Raspberry Ketone + Green Tea supplement for Weight Loss

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This product contains key ingredients found in many effective raspberry ketone supplements. On top of that, this product is backed by a 1-year long guarantee.

Futurebiotics Red Raspberry Ketone + Green Tea Review

Raspberry ketone supplements can aid weight loss programs by providing a number of health benefits. Some of these benefits include increased fat burning capacity, suppressed appetite and raised metabolism. The manufacturer claims that these easy-to-swallow capsules are the most convenient way to lose weight. In this Futurebiotics Red Raspberry Ketone + Green Tea Review was have determined this product’s ability to provide desired weight loss results efficiently.


This product contains two main active ingredients, Raspberry Ketone and Green Tea leaf extract. A serving of this product contains 300mg and 200mg respectively. The lack of additional fillers and preservatives is an appealing selling point. This product does not include any ingredients that may be counterintuitive to its efficacy. This will help maximize the fat burning capacity of its main active ingredient, raspberry ketones. This product will provide sufficient natural energy from the green tea leaf extract which could help suppress appetite and improve results.


The manufacturer recommends that adults consumer one (1) capsule daily with breakfast or lunch. They recommend consulting a health practitioner prior to first use. When comparing this dosage to competitor products, we have noted that it does not supply adequate quantities of raspberry ketones to deliver optimal results. A dosage of 1000mg per day can be found in alternative products with proven track records. Potential buyers should consider that the required additional dosage will decrease this product’s lifespan.


This product can be purchased online from Futurebiotics. A 60-capsule bottle can be purchased for $27.95. There are no discounts or additional bulk-buy specials for this product. This limits the purchasing options available to you. This listed price is costly when compared to alternative products with the same goals. While it is recommended that users consumer 1 capsule per day, optimal results would require an additional 2 capsules per day. This shortens the lifespan of each bottle significantly. Long-term use of the product would, therefore, become extremely expensive. The manufacturer offers free shipping on orders over $49.


The effectiveness of this product is backed by a 100% money-back guarantee. The manufacturer claims that this guarantee is effective for 1 year after purchase. There is an asterisk next to this claim which is not further elaborated on. This raises our suspicion over the seamlessness of a return process should a consumer be unhappy with product results. Upon closer analysis of this product, we have found that several customers were unhappy with results. Some have reported the failure of this product to deliver on claims while others have reported negative side effects such as constipation.

Futurebiotics Red Raspberry Ketone + Green Tea Review – Conclusion

This product contains key ingredients found in many effective raspberry ketone supplements. On top of that, this product is backed by a 1-year long guarantee. While these may seem appealing, upon closer review of this product we have noted that there is no clear articulation of the guidelines for their return policy. This raises concerns regarding the ability to effectively return a faulty product. The lack of sufficient dosage per serving would require additional supplementation. This would decrease the lifespan of the product, making long-term use a costly endeavor. These factors should be considered before making a purchase and are why we cannot recommend this product for efficient weight loss programs.

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