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This supplement does seem to be formulated with good ingredients that may have some health benefits and may also aid weight loss. It does have clear dosage instructions

Dee Cee Laboratories Mega Raspberry Ketones Review

This is an informed review of a product called Mega Raspberry Ketones that will look into all the facts regarding this product. The manufacturer claims that this supplement will increase energy levels and help to sustain a healthy metabolism. This product claims to help control your appetite and help to burn fat without any side effects, it also claims to be an antioxidant and help reduce fat absorption in the body.


Raspberry ketone may assist with boosting your metabolism by releasing a hormone called Adiponectin which promotes the breakdown of fat while also assisting with the maintenance of healthy blood sugar levels, it may also have beneficial properties for hair growth and increase the elasticity in your skin. The dosage of raspberry ketone in this product is noticeably lower compared to other similar products which seems a bit unusual. Green tea extract is a good source of antioxidants that may protect the body against oxidative stress, it also promotes heart healthy by lowering blood pressure. Green tea extract may also benefit weight loss by helping the body to burn calories through thermogenesis.


The manufacturer suggests that you should take one capsule twice a day. It is advised that these capsules should preferably be taken along with meals. It is unfortunate that there does not seem to be any alternative dosages suggested in order to increase the possible results of this product. It is advised that this product is not suitable for anyone under the age of 18 and that pregnant and nursing women should also not use this product.


Unfortunately, this product only seems to be available for licensed healthcare professionals to purchase from the manufacturer’s website and also does not seem to be available from alternative retailers, therefore, the price of this product cannot be established.


Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not seem to offer any kind of money back guarantee, however, this is probably due to the fact that only healthcare professionals may purchase this product.

Mega Raspberry Ketones 250 mg Review – Conclusion

This supplement does seem to be formulated with good ingredients that may have some health benefits and may also aid weight loss. It does have clear dosage instructions, however; it is a little bit unusual that there does not seem to be alternative dosage suggestions that may maximize the results of this product. It is very disappointing that this product can only be purchased by healthcare professionals and that there is no information regarding this products price or available guarantees. It is rather concerning that this product does not have any customer reviews on the manufacturer’s website. Unfortunately, this product does not seem to stand out in any way compared to other similar products and it may be advisable to rather consider a supplement that is available for public purchase which would be a far more convenient option.

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