Genceutic Naturals PURE RAS Raspberry Ketone for Weight Loss

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This product includes key ingredients common to many raspberry ketone supplements. The support of a 30-day guarantee indicates the manufacturer's confidence in its ability

Genceutic Naturals PURE RAS Raspberry Ketone Review

The manufacturer of this product claims that it will help lose weight, maintain preferred weight, regulate metabolism, promote fat burning and reduce accumulation of new fat in fat cells. These benefits are common to most raspberry ketone supplements but it is the product’s efficiency in producing desired results that will set it apart. In this review of Genceutic Naturals PURE RAS Raspberry Ketone, we have determined this product’s ability to efficiently provided optimal weight loss results.


This product includes two main active ingredients, decaffeinated green tea extract (300mg) and a patented raspberry ketone formula (200mg). While the unique formula may be appealing, the low quantity is a concern. For best results, a raspberry ketone supplement should supply 1000mg of this active ingredient per day. The addition of green tea extract is a positive as this could aid in the fat burning potential and help suppress appetite.


It is recommended that adults consume one (1) capsule 1 – two (2) times daily for optimal results. The manufacturer offers additional recommendations for improved performance. These include; using the product for at least ten (10) weeks, maintaining an effective diet and exercise routine and consuming eight (8) – 10 glasses of water per day. These should be assumed during the supplementation of any raspberry ketone supplement however, the clear stipulation is refreshing to note.


This product can be purchased online via the Genceutic Naturals online store. A 60-capsule bottle can be purchased for $34.99. This is costly when compared to more affordable options on the market and long-term use could prove to be extremely expensive. The manufacturer does not offer any discounts or deals on this product which limits the purchasing options available to you. Customers should bear this in mind before purchase as better deals may be found on third-party sites.


The efficacy of this product is backed by a 30-day unconditional guarantee provided that products are purchased via the manufacturer’s online store. This suggests that the manufacturer is confident in the product’s ability to produce desired results, however, this alone cannot be an effective assessment of its efficacy. Upon analysis of customer reviews, we have noted that this product has failed to deliver on claims for a number of customers. Results are therefore largely dependent on the individual and testing can only be done after a purchase has been made.

Genceutic Naturals PURE RAS Raspberry Ketone Review – Conclusion

This product includes key ingredients common to many raspberry ketone supplements. The support of a 30-day guarantee indicates the manufacturer’s confidence in its ability to provide effective and efficient results. However, the mixed customer reviews suggest that efficacy is dependent on the individual and therefore, can only be effectively gauged after a purchase has been made. The product is costly and the lack of discounts makes this an expensive option when considering a raspberry ketone supplement. We suggest seeking a more affordable alternative with a proven track record for efficient weight loss.

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