Blis-To-Sol Anti-Fungal Liquid for Ringworm

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There are a few positive factors about this product. It contains the correct dosage of the active ingredient Tolnaftate which is known to provide relief to symptoms of ringworm

Blis-To-Sol Anti-Fungal Liquid Review

The following review of Blis-To-Sol Anti-Fungal Liquid aims to assess various factors that may contribute to the effectiveness of this product and determine if you should consider it as a remedy for ringworm. The product is claimed to provide a clinically proven formula aimed at relieving symptoms associated with ringworm such as itching, burning, and cracking. This product is also argued to alleviate athlete’s foot.


The main active ingredient in this product is Tolnaftate. Tolnaftate is an antifungal agent that works to prevent the growth of fungal infections associated with ringworm and athlete’s foot. The inclusion of this ingredient, in the right doses, may provide relief to symptoms as well as fight the spread of infection. However, other ingredients like Undecylenic Acid have been clinically proven to penetrate deep into the skin and eliminate fungus to ensure that infections do not return. Therefore, the lack of this beneficial substance in Blis-To-Sol Anti-Fungal Liquid is a major concern. Alone Tolnaftate cannot contribute to the total-care of symptoms associated with ringworm. There is no indication as to whether the manufacturing of this product has followed cGMP guidelines. Furthermore, there is no information regarding whether this product is vegan-friendly or animal cruelty-free. This is alarming as many alternatives on the market pride themselves in using quality ingredients that are third-party tested as well as being all-natural solutions with limited negative side effects.


It is recommended that you dry the skin thoroughly after cleaning it with soapy water. A thin layer of this product should then be applied over the infected area in the morning and at night. Users should wear well-ventilated shoes once this product is applied. Each application of this product supplies a concentration of 1% Tolnaftate which is common to other Tolnaftate products on the market. Skin irritation may occur when using this product and in these cases, we recommend discontinuing use.


A 54.5ml bottle of this product can be purchased online for $9.42. This is, at first glance, relatively affordable. However, there is no clear indication of how long each bottle will last which makes it difficult to assess the lifespan of this product. On top of this, there are no additional discounts or bulk-buy deals.


This product is supported by a 30-day guarantee. This suggests that the manufacturer is confident in its ability to deliver on claims. That being said, all refunds of opened products are subject to a restocking fee of $5. This means that you will not be refunded your total money spent on the product if you are not satisfied with results. Furthermore, there are a few negative reviews online from customers who have already purchased this item. They have stated that it did not work as intended despite months of use. This is a major concern.

Blis-To-Sol Anti-Fungal Liquid Review – Conclusion

There are a few positive factors about this product. It contains the correct dosage of the active ingredient Tolnaftate which is known to provide relief to symptoms of ringworm and athlete’s foot. Purchases are also supported by a 30-day guarantee. However, the return policy stipulates that refunds are subject to restocking fees which means that you will not receive a total refund if you are unhappy with results. The fact that the manufacturer does not clearly label this product as vegan-friendly or animal cruelty-free is another major concern. Finally, negative customer reviews suggest that this product did not provide relief from ringworm. These are a few of the reasons why we cannot recommend Blis-To-Sol Anti-Fungal Liquid.

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