Lamisil Ringworm Treatment Cream

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Lamisil Ringworm Cream has the antifungal ingredient terbinafine, which has been proven to effectively treat ringworm.

Lamisil Ringworm Treatment Cream Review

Lamisil offers three kinds of ringworm antifungal products to help relieve skin irritation that is caused by fungal infections. We reviewed the cream version product produced by Lamisil, but there are also a spray and powder that are as effective.


The active ingredient in all Lamisil products is terbinafine hydrochloride, which is an antifungal ingredient. The rest of the ingredients are preservatives to keep the cream usable and effective.

Our research shows that because the skin is so sensitive, antifungal creams should also provide total-care solutions, to not only just address the fungal infection but also the skin irritation as well. Other products contain natural oils that absorb into the skin and allow healing to be done while preventing the fungus from growing back. The lack of tea tree oil or even aloe vera is detrimental to the skin, prolonging sufficient healing while also drying out the skin.

There are other antifungal agents found in other products which are more potent and proven to be more effective. One example is Undecylenic Acid.


To use this fungal cream, wash the affected area and dry thoroughly. Then, apply once a day, morning or night, for one week. Children under 12 years old must ask a doctor before use.

Other products on the market suggest using the cream twice a day or more. Using a cream just once a day on a fungal infection, especially after the cream is absorbed, seems to not be enough to treat ringworm.


The cost of one 30g tube is between $13.94 at Walmart to the more expensive $28.78 or more on Amazon. It is available through various third-party retailers and not directly from the manufacturer. This means that you may have to shop around for a good price and any special deals.

There is a coupon that offers $2 off of any Lamisil product, including the cream, spray, or powder. You can find it on the Lamisil website.


Lamisil offers no guarantee on their products. No guarantee from a company causes some concern as it may indicate the level of confidence the manufacturer has in the product. In case the product doesn’t cure ringworm, it is one of the more expensive creams on the market which makes it disappointing if you can’t get your money back. If you purchase something you aren’t happy with, it is useful to have a return policy with a refund for your peace of mind and to not waste your money.

Lamisil Ringworm Cream Review – Conclusion

Lamisil Ringworm Cream has the antifungal ingredient terbinafine, which has been proven to effectively treat ringworm. It is sold throughout many drugstores, making it readily available whenever you need.

It is more pricey than other ringworm creams on the market.

Lamisil cream lacks skin healing ingredients that help moisturize the skin and ensure the fungus will not return. The instructions for application also seem to be too infrequent to effectively help mitigate the infection. There are more powerful antifungals that other ringworm creams contain, such as Undecylenic Acid.

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