MPM Medical Anti-fungal Cream for Ringworm

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MPM Medical Antifungal Cream seems to be a promising product. It contains the right amount of Clotrimazole, which means that it is safe to use.

MPM Medical Anti-fungal Cream Review

Read a full review of a product called MPM Medical Antifungal Cream. It is designed to eliminate fungal infections, such as ringworm, jock itch and Athlete’s foot. It also provides additional benefits, such as relief from burning, scaling and itching.


Clotrimazole is the only active ingredient in this product. It contains antifungal properties that provide relief from itchiness, scaling, burning and other symptoms that develop through the infection. There is only 1% of Clotrimazole, which is the right amount that is recommended.


The manufacturer recommends that you use this product twice a day, in the morning and evening, or as advised by your healthcare professional. Children should be supervised by adults when applying it. It should be used every day for 4 weeks. Contact your doctor if there is no improvement after this period has passed.


MPM Medical Clinic Antifungal Cream is available from the manufacturer for $7.13 for a 4 oz tube. You can purchase it through their website.


The manufacturer does not offer any guarantee for this product, which is disappointing. This means that if you buy it, you cannot return it and claim for a refund. Lack of guarantee shows that the manufacturer is not confident about their product, and you as a customer are at risk of losing.

MPM Medical Anti-fungal Cream Review – Conclusion

MPM Medical Antifungal Cream seems to be a promising product. It contains the right amount of Clotrimazole, which means that it is safe to use. We like that all the very important information about the product is made obvious from the moment you visit the manufacturer’s website. You do not need to search for important information, such as the purpose of the product, directions for use, price and ingredients. Its price is low and affordable. However, even though the price is low, having a guarantee gives customers confidence that at least the manufacturer believes in their product. When there is no guarantee, it shows that the manufacturer has not confidence on their product, and that they do not care about your satisfaction. We looked to see if the product is available from third-party retailers. To our disappointment, even though it is on display on one of the retailer’s website, it is stated that it is out of stock, and they do not know when or if it will be back on stock. Buying from the manufacturer only could be a negative thing because that means you are forced to buy from them even if there is something that you do not like with their service, but still like the product. We also noticed that there is no sign of consumer reviews on this and the manufacturer’s website. This tells us that it has not been used or bought by many, or it is unknown to the consumers. It is difficult for us to recommend a product that has some downsides like this one. You could probably buy it it based on the ingredient, but we recommend that you rather look for something else.

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