Medicine Mama’s Sweet Bee Magic for Scar Removal

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There is much to be admired about Sweet Bee Magic from a manufacturing point of view. It contains no chemicals, fillers, binders or irritants.

Medicine Mama’s Sweet Bee Magic Review

If you’ve recently had some kind of injury to your skin you’re bound to have scar tissue too, so today’s review of Medicine Mama’s Sweet Bee Magic may be of interest to you. Scar tissue forms as the last part of the wound-healing process. First the body must stop the bleeding under the epidermis, then seal the wound so there can be no bacterial invasion. The body then produces collagen to heal the wound completely, which is the body’s equivalent of producing cement to fill a gaping hole. It is impenetrable. At first the scar may look red, angry and raised, then then form any number of discolored final scars. Collagen fibers are not all even, and this is the result.

Sweet Bee Magic, says the manufacturer, is a ‘breakthrough miracle cream’ that is a simple and effective way to soothe and heal the scar.


Sweet Bee Magic prides itself on being such a pure formulation, that it can be ingested. It is also designed to be gentle enough to use on all skin types, which is great news for people with conditions such as eczema, rosacea, and hyper-sensitive skin. Below is the list of ingredients and each one’s healing properties:

  • Organic Extra Virgin Olea Europaea (Olive) – moisturizes the skin
  • Organic Cera Alba BEESWAX – creates a layer of protection around the skin and forms the building blocks for new epidermal growth
  • Organic Honey – has antioxidant and antibacterial properties
  • Propolis – this purifies the wound and keeps it free of infection
  • Bee Pollen – revitalizes the skin
  • Royal Jelly – nourishes the skin


Apply liberally to the areas needed, including before bed if you wish. It is safe for everyone.


A 2 oz bottle will cost you $24.99 which is about the same price as a 4 oz jar of some other creams. This is what you’ll pay on the product website.


A method for returning your product is provided without actually saying whether or not you will get your money back. What is the time period for returns? Can you return opened products? This info is not supplied.

Medicine Mama’s Sweet Bee Magic Review – Conclusion

There is much to be admired about Sweet Bee Magic from a manufacturing point of view. It contains no chemicals, fillers, binders or irritants. It has gone through dermatologica screening to ensure this is the case. It also does not clog pores, making it suitable for use on the skin. The formula is noticeably free from the separate inclusions of important vitamins, such as vitamin E, which is essential to healing scars. A great defining feature is how free from allergens and irritants this bee-based cream is, so that you can use it even if you have seriously sensitive skin or a skin condition. Our research shows that in particular with regard to inflammation (redness) this cream will work well, so if you’ve just burnt yourself, for example, this will soothe your skin.

The drawback is that with a higher price point and a returns ‘policy’ which is not defined at all, you can’t quite purchase with peace of mind.

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After obtaining her medical degree from Emory University School of Medicine, Jenny went on to specialize in the competitive field of dermatology. In her single days, she was a Peace Corps volunteer and a medic for Doctors without Borders. These days, Dr. Michelle works part-time in a private practice in her hometown of Little Rock, Arkansas, so that she can devote herself to her growing family. In her spare time, Jenny gives back to her community by volunteering with her husband and children at their local soup kitchen. Protection Status

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