Blooms Horse Chestnut for Varicose Veins

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This product consists of pure Horse Chestnut extract and, although not cGMP certified, has been known to be beneficial for the relief of symptoms associated with varicose veins.

Blooms Horse Chestnut Review

This is a review on Blooms Horse Chestnut, a supplement that can support varicose veins as well as its associated symptoms. This is done through the key ingredient which promotes blood-circulation and improves the tone of blood vessels while reduces the appearance of veins, swelling, and itchiness. The following review shall examine the products effectiveness in relieving the condition and associated symptoms of varicose veins, as well as the manufacturer’s support provided to the customer; ensuring wise customer purchases.


This product claims that the formula is pure and contains no gluten, yeast, lactose, preservatives, or artificial ingredients. As mentioned before, this product’s key ingredient is Horse Chestnut extract – otherwise known as Aesculus hippocastanum extract. The key nutrient  found in this substance is called Aescin, which is known to support vein health by enhancing its structure (preventing the backflow of blood that causes varicose veins), closing vein gaps that lead to fluid leakage and edema, relaxing capillary lining which reduces inflammation, as well as regulating nutrient flow such as calcium and iron. This ingredient is featured as part of many competing product formulas and is a wonderful nutrient for the internal support of varicose veins. Unlike other brands on the market, however, this product is lacking an external measure to ensure the utmost efficacy and relief of varicose vein symptoms. These external measures take the form of creams that nourish and smooth skin tone to help reduce the appearance of varicose veins, as well as provide additional inflammation relief. Furthermore, there appears to be no formal manufacturing quality authentication such as a cGMP certification – which is unfortunate.


Adults should take 2 capsules daily. It is uncertain if these supplements should be taken with meals or not. The manufacturer states that toxicity is rare, but side-effects may include drowsiness, enlarged pupils, and flushing skin. In the case of an unwanted reaction, we recommend seeking out medical advice. Blooms also suggest that taking this supplement with aspirin and other blood-thinning medicines should be avoided.


This product can only be bought through third-party sites online. There are 13 different sites to purchase from; in which each site has varying prices, package deals, and discounts available. For example, a bottle of 90 capsules (which will last a month and a half) can be bought for $25,99 from one website which offers no package deals; and $25,64 from another website that also offers discounted package deals with savings up to $71,70. This inconsistency may require customers to exert additional time and effort to find the best deals available.


There appears to be no mentioned guarantee available on the manufacturer’s website, or any indication of a returns policy. This is a concern, especially since the product is only sold from third-party sites. Customers will need to research the extent of each of the 13 company’s return policies to ensure they have this option before purchasing. This is highly inconvenient for curious customers. There is also no available customer reviews, which waves warning flags for potential customers.

Blooms Horse Chestnut Review – Conclusion

This product consists of pure Horse Chestnut extract and, although not cGMP certified, has been known to be beneficial for the relief of symptoms associated with varicose veins. The dosage and warnings are also clear. However, only purchasing this product through third-party sites creates additional and unnecessary effort for the time-strapped consumer; who may spend large amounts of time looking for the sites that have the best deals as well as a returns policy to make up for no guarantee provided by Blooms. This combined with absent customer reviews showcase a lack of confidence in the product’s efficacy and perhaps quality too. While horse chestnut is a wonderful ingredient, it cannot provide the most effective relief of varicose vein symptoms alone. An external support, such as soothing cream, is needed to provide additional relief and support. In saying so, we do not recommend Blooms Horse Chestnut as the optimal varicose vein support.

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