Country Life VaricoVein for Varicose Veins

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This product may seem to be an ideal choice for combatting varicose veins. It contains several ingredients known to alleviate discomforting symptoms.

Country Life VaricoVein Review

Country Life states that this product supports vein tone and structure, thus combating symptoms associated with varicose veins (enlarged, purple veins prominently showing because of poor blood circulation). They argue that their product is gluten-free and vegan-friendly. This review of Country Life VaricoVein will outline various information regarding the product and its ability to meet these claims made by the manufacturer.


  • Vitamin C
  • Diosmin
  • Natural Orange Extract
  • Grape Seed Extract

VaricoVein is an all-natural formula that contains a few patented ingredients. The fact that some of these ingredients are patented is an indication of their quality. The main active ingredient, Diosmin, is used to treat blood vessel disorders. It is, therefore, responsible for the optimal function of veins and helps to reduce symptoms associated with varicose veins. Natural Orange Extract, in this formula, provides 90% Hesperidin equal to 100mg. Hesperidin is another ingredient, found in competitor products, that works to reduce inflammation and improve the function of blood vessels. It is argued that this will alleviate varicose veins and associated symptoms. Vitamin C and Grape Seed Extract are added to this formula to enhance its health properties. These two ingredients are designed to relieve bruises and prevent high blood pressure respectively. While this formula contains some crucial substances, it lacks other ingredients found in competitor products. The addition of Horse Chestnut Extract and Butcher’s Broom Extract would further enhance the product’s ability to deliver superior results.


There are clear instructions on how to use this product. Adults should consume 2 capsules daily with food. For best results, take 1 capsule with breakfast and 1 capsule with lunch. A health practitioner should be consulted prior to use. This dosage supplies 900mg of Diosmin which is in line with the typical dosage provided by similar products on the market. This is positive to note, however, additional dosage may be needed for optimal benefit.


The product can be purchased through third-party sites. On one site, for example, the product retails at $22.28 for 60 capsules. This price comes at a significant discount, however, consumers would need to shop around to find the best value. Different sites have varying purchasing options to further encourage sales and these would need to be considered. A bottle will only last up to 1 month, therefore, the long-term use of this product could become costly. There are several more affordable alternatives on the market.


The manufacturer does not offer a guarantee. Guarantees are entirely dependent on the third-party sites return policy. One of these sites, for example, offers a money-back guarantee which may suggest their confidence in the product’s ability to work as intended. However, the fact that the manufacturer does not provide a clear guarantee themselves is a concern.

Country Life VaricoVein Review – Conclusion

This product may seem to be an ideal choice for combatting varicose veins. It contains several ingredients known to alleviate discomforting symptoms. The product supplies a sufficient dosage of these ingredients. The downsides are that prices vary depending on where you source the product from. Potential customers will need to invest time into finding the best value. Also, the general price is high and this makes long-term use an expensive prospect. A guarantee is not stipulated by the manufacturer but dependent on the website where the product is purchased. This does not instill complete confidence in the efficacy of the product. Therefore, we do not recommend Country Life VaricoVein as the optimal supplement for healthier veins.

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