Curacao Goicoechea Lotion Reaffirming supplement

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With any beauty products, finding the right one for you is a trial and error process, and sometimes it's necessary to try one for a few months until results can be seen.

Curacao Goicoechea Lotion Reaffirming Review

Many over-the-counter skin care products today affirm that they can smooth and soften skin. Curacao – Goicoechea Lotion Reaffirming is one such product. People have and will consistently research the best ways to get rid of wrinkles or to combat the effects that exhaustion can have on one’s legs. A variety of beauty products are in the market for consumers looking to improve their skin’s appearance.


According to the manufacturer’s site, the lotion contains natural ingredients and herbal infusions meant to improve the skin’s condition. The lotion’s key components are:

  • Elastin – a protein that aids in skin’s elasticity
  • Mentha piperita – it’s common name is Peppermint. It’s used for its aromatic properties and for the soothing feeling it administers.
  • Hamamelis Virginiana – also called American witch-hazel. It’s been used for many years as  an inflammations and swelling treatment.
  • Centella Asiatica – this plant has been used for many centuries as a treatment for skin ailments. It’s small and blossomy.


The manufacturer of the product affirms that using natural ingredients helps decrease the presence of varicose veins. No studies have confirmed this statement. Consumer review sites are full of points of view that refute or confirm this claims. It must be said though, that this lotion really does soothe the legs, especially if one has been standing for long periods of time. The maker of the product recommends that this lotion be used twice day to see results.


The web site for the manufacturer of the product is in Spanish, and so far it has not been translated into English. Various search engines now have translation services, such as Bing or Google Translate. The web site does not imply that there is a guarantee, so keep that in mind.


The media cost for this lotion is $9.99 – $14.99 for a 13.5oz bottle, depending on the site in which you purchase it. It should last an estimated month if used two times daily–as the manufacturer recommends.


With any beauty products, finding the right one for you is a trial and error process, and sometimes it’s necessary to try one for a few months until results can be seen. Still, the web site makes it difficult for non-Spanish-speaking consumers to really get comfortable with the product. There is no guarantee with Goicoechea Lotion Reaffirming 13.5 oz product,so it’s not easy to have consumer confidence with this lotion.

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