Heel BHI Varicose supplement for varicose veins

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Many great options are out there for those who seek varicose vein treatments, Heel BHI Varicose is only one of them.

Heel BHI Varicose Review

Heel BHI Varicose states that it can treat varicose veins in an efficient manner. It affirms that it helps boost blood flow and to assist in vein formation. This helps get rid of and avoid varicose vein problems before they start, or before the problems they cause become too severe. Those who don’t treat varicose veins on time might be susceptible to bigger issues such as inflammation of the veins, ulceration or bleeding. Varicose veins are prevalent in both men and women, with about one in four women and one in five men experiencing the problem. Surgery can be a possible option, but there are many other methods one can use to prevent surgical intervention in the first place.  which claims to be an effect product for varicose veins treatment. That’s where treatments such as Heel BHI Varicose can come in.


The ingredients used in varicose vein treatments are just as diverse as the methods available themselves. Some products might contain homeopathic agents, while others are made of all-natural or herbal remedies. The point is, there are many choices for consumers who need to treat this issue. Here is the list of ingredients for this product:
• Hamamelis Virginiana 4X – 30 mg: a species of witch hazel. Used to treat external inflammations.
• Pulsatilla 4X – 30 mg: Easter flower. Has been used to treat premenstrual problems and to treat coughs.
• Aesculus Hippocastanum 6X – 30 mg: from the horse chesnut tree. Used as an anti-inflammatory.
• Carduus Marianus 6X – 30 mg: from the milk thistle plant. It’s been used to treat liver problems and dehydration.
• Lycopodium Clavatum 6X – 30 mg: known as clubmoss.
• Picricum Acidum 6X – 30 mg: a chemical compound used for as an antiseptic.
• Secale Cornutum 6X – 30 mg: a nonreducing sugar. May be used for Huntington’s disease.
• Carbo Vegetabilis 10X – 30 mg: made from the carbon of vegetables that have been partially burned.
• Mercurius Praecipitatus Ruber 10X – 30 mg: more commonly used to treat cystic acne.
• Apis Mellifica 12X – 30 mg: the scientific name for bees. It’s been used to treat various infections.
• Lactose: a type of sugar found in milk.
• Magnesium Stearate: a magnesium salt. It’s a common ingredient in baby formulas.


Adults and children aged 6 and older can use this product. The tablet is meant to be dissolved in the mouth three times a day, or as directed by a doctor. Children and infants under the age of six can only take half the dosage prescribed for adults.

Side Effects

Side effects have not been reported for this product. Like any other supplement or medicine, you should talk to your doctor before beginning a regimen.


The cost of the treatment depends on the web site you use. When this review was written, the median cost for a bottle of 100 tablets was about $11.99. If used as directed it should last around 33 days.


Consumers desire guarantees because it decreases the risk of losing money in case the expected results aren’t reached. Individual web sites may offer a guarantee for this product, but that’s up to them. The official maker of the product did not offer a money-back guarantee when this product was researched.

Conclusion – Heel BHI Varicose Review

Many great options are out there for those who seek varicose vein treatments, Heel BHI Varicose is only one of them. However, the web site for this product mentioned no such guarantees.

It is also not FDA cleared.

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