Schwabe Pharmaceuticals Venotrex for Varicose Veins

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Venotrex supplies a formula based on the ingredient Horse Chestnut Seed Extract. This ingredient is well-known for its varicose vein fighting potential.

Schwabe Pharmaceuticals Venotrex Review

The following review is of Venotrex, a product manufactured by Schwabe Pharmaceuticals. The review will provide detailed information about the product to determine whether it is a wise purchase for relieving varicose veins. It is claimed that consuming this product for a minimum of 2 months is key to reducing pain, itching, swelling, and fluid retention in the legs and ankles. We have assessed this product’s ingredients, price, as well as manufacturer support to gauge its ability to deliver on this claim.


The main active ingredient in this product is Horse Chestnut Seed Extract. This substance is well-known for its vein healing properties. In the right doses, the ingredient can optimize blood flow to ensure the prevention of varicose veins as well as combat discomforting side effects. These may include itching, swelling, pain, and water retention. The inclusion of this ingredient is positive to note, however, the product lacks other essential substances. Additional substances such as Hesperidin and Diosmin can be found in alternative products on the market and they further enhance their effectiveness. Alone Horse Chestnut Seed Extract cannot form a total-care remedy for varicose veins. What is more concerning is that there does not appear to be any quality-assuring manufacturing certificates to support this product. cGMP guidelines are followed by many manufacturers of top quality products on the market. These ensure that each product is of an exceptional standard. Further research provides no indication as to whether or not this product is vegan-friendly or animal cruelty-free. These are major concerns.


It is recommended that you consume 1 capsule twice daily, with meals. This dosage will supply 263.2mg of the main active ingredient, Horse Chestnut Extract. The typical medical recommendation for optimal benefits is 300mg of Horse Chestnut Extract. Therefore, this dosage is too low and additional supplementation may be needed. This is a concern as it will reduce the lifespan of this product.


This product can be purchased online for $30.60 per 60 tablets. Considering the product will only last 1 month, this is a significantly high price. Also, it lacks the optimal concentration of ingredients which further brings the price into question. There are no discounts or bulk-buy deals offered with this product. This is a concern as long-term use may become too expensive to maintain.


The retailer of this product does not include a guarantee to cover purchases. Whether the product is effective or not, you will not be able to apply for a refund. This is a major concern as it showcases that the manufacturer is skeptical of the product’s ability to provide desired results. There are several competitor brands that offer extensive return policies to support the efficacy of their products and these may be a wiser choice. What is also a concern is that we were unable to find customer reviews of this product. This may suggest that it is an unpopular choice on the market and makes it very difficult for us to assess the effectiveness of this product.

Schwabe Pharmaceuticals Venotrex Review – Conclusion

Venotrex supplies a formula based on the ingredient Horse Chestnut Seed Extract. This ingredient is well-known for its varicose vein fighting potential. This product provides a decent dose of this active ingredient, however, it alone cannot be considered a total-care remedy for varicose veins. There are other major concerns regarding this product. It is overpriced and there are many more affordable alternatives. Its effectiveness is not assured by the support of a guarantee. It does not supply an optimal dosage of its key active ingredient. These are a few reasons why we cannot recommend this product.

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