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GHI Yacon Root is a natural supplement to aid in weight loss and help digestion, and conveniently now is available in capsules.

GHI Yacon Root Review

This is a review of GHI (Global Health Ideas) Yacon Root, a dietary supplement designed to support healthy digestion while functioning as an appetite suppressant. The root also aids with constipation and in decreasing fat and body mass.


Primary Ingredient:

Secondary Ingredients:

  • Gelatin
  • Magnesium Stearate
  • Dicalcuium Phosphate


The dosage for GHI Yacon Root is one capsule twice daily.  The recommendation is to take Yacon Root 30 minutes before meals with 8 ounces of water.

Women who are pregnant and/or nursing, individuals under medical supervision, and children under the age of 18 are advised to consult a physician before taking this product.


We were unable to find the price of the product online. From the third party website, it was also unclear if it was possible to buy multiple bottles of this product at a discounted rate, and there was absolutely no notice on the website how long it would take for the product to be back in stock.


This product is listed as being 100% satisfaction guaranteed.  However, no specific information was listed about where and how to return the product if needed since it is sold through a third party vendor, and whether the product was effective in producing the desired results.

GHI Yacon Root Review – Conclusion

GHI Yacon Root is a natural supplement to aid in weight loss and help digestion, and conveniently now is available in capsules. High in prebiotics and probiotics, it has been found to boost your body’s metabolism and is GMP certified.

This product claims to be vegan-friendly but clearly contains gelatin as the last ingredient on the product label.  Other competitive products offer a 100% pure yacon extract with no additional ingredients ensuring that it is, in fact, actually vegetarian/vegan. There are other products on the market that only contain 100% yacon extract with 50% concentration FOS, with no added fillers or binders.  These products, therefore, set themselves apart from GHI Yacon Root which has the added gelatin and phosphates.

GHI Yacon Root has 500 mg of yacon root extract in each pill.  Therefore, with the daily dosage being two capsules per day, the daily total for this product is a mere 1000 mg.  This is far less than some other yacon root products where each capsule contains a total of 800 mg for a daily total of 1600mg.
Most concerning is the fact that there is very little customer data and feedback about their experiences using this yacon extract.  The handful of reviews that were available comment on it not being an effective product, and the reviews were already over three years old.  Therefore, it is impossible to know whether the company is achieving its desired effects with weight loss and digestion as it claims to be doing.
For these reasons, we are hesitant to give this product any type of overall seal of approval.  Though the claims are great that this will solve your weight loss challenges and help with digestive problems and constipation, there is little data to back up the product and its overall effectiveness.
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