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Yacon is considered to be a powerful dietary supplement and appetite suppressant.  It is 100% natural and the manufacturer offers what appears to be an open-ended money back guarantee

MaritzMayer Super Yacon Syrup 1000 Review

This is a review of Super Yacon Syrup 1000, a product that assists in quick and healthy digestion.  It is an all natural source of prebiotics and is made up of pure Yacon. A root vegetable which grows in the Andes from Columbia to Northern Argentina, Yacon contains Fructooligosaccharide (FOS) and is known to benefit those seeking probiotic support to boost their immune system.


The primary ingredient found in this product is Smallanthus Sonchifolius (Yacon Syrup). One teaspoon of the product contains 14 mg of Potassium, 7 mg of Calcium, and less than 1 mg of Magnesium.


The suggested dosage for adults is 1 tsp (4.9 ml) of Super Yacon Syrup 1000, three times a day. There are no specific instructions about whether to take the product with before or after meals, or whether it can be mixed in other beverages and foods.


Super Yacon Syrup 1000 sells for $29.95 per bottle. Shipping and handling rates are $5.99 for an 8-ounce bottle, but free shipping is available to US addresses and US territories for orders over $69. The manufacturer ships to select international addresses but no more information is listed as to which countries can order this product.

The manufacturer’s website offers a special to buy one bottle and get the second one for half price for a total of $44.95 not including shipping and handling. Given that an effective dose is three teaspoons a day, consumers will go through a bottle in 16 days and will pay a high price point given that competitors offer multiple bottle purchases for lower prices and in larger quantities.


Super Yacon Syrup 1000 offers refunds for unused and used items, and the manufacturer requests that the returns be sent in the original boxes if possible.  Refunds are processed by the company within 30 days of returning the product.

Since there are no reviews on the website, it is not clear whether or not this policy for returns actually functionally exists.

Super Yacon Syrup 1000 Review – Conclusion

Yacon is considered to be a powerful dietary supplement and appetite suppressant.  It is 100% natural and the manufacturer offers what appears to be an open-ended money back guarantee for all products sent back.

Competitor products now offer Yacon in a syrup form with 5 ml per teaspoon compared to the 4.9 ml that this product offers which allows just that much more of its desired effect in each individual dosage. Given the number of calories per teaspoon (13), this allows the product to give more bang for its buck and calorie.

What is most concerning about the manufacturer’s website is that there are no user reviews whatsoever.  However third party websites list some of the major complaints with the product that they did not experience the results that were promised with no weight loss results.  Other frustrations included that the syrup in the bottles was not liquidy enough to pour out and measure, and had hardened in many instances.

Since studies have shown that Yacon root extracts are not all equal, companies making Yacon extract that functions as an appetite suppressant seems like it would be an added attraction for consumers.  In fact, Super Yacon Syrup 1000 makes no promises at all about functioning as a weight loss aid.

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