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Research Verified 100% Pure Yacon Root Extract is reliable in that their supplement can help you deal with those annoying issues, and burn off those extra pounds that are holding you back.

Research Verified Yacon Extract Review

So many supplements out there promise to help you lose weight, but when you fork out the money for these tablets you can never be sure what you are really paying for. Yacon root extract has been proven to help those wanting to slim down reach their goal. But while there are so many different companies out there trying to push their products, we believe that Research Verified 100% Pure Yacon Root Extract is the only choice for you. Not only is this a natural supplement, but this one offers the highest dosage out there in one small tablet. Read the review below to find out why we love this product so much!


The only ingredient in Research Verified 100% Pure Yacon Root Extract is just that: Yacon Root Extract – 1600 mg (Smallanthus snchifolius) with Fructooligosaccharides (FOS). Served in 100% vegetarian capsules.

Yacon (Smallanthus sonchifolius) is an enduring plant usually found in South and Central America. The roots of this vegetable are tuberous and sweet. FOS is a carbohydrate that the body absorbs to a certain extent, which encourages good bacteria to flourish in the intestines. Research has shown that yacon root extract has shown to help reduce one’s appetite.


They recommend two tablets a day. Each tablet should be taken 30 minutes before a meal, and with an 8 oz. glass of water. The two tablets a day should not be exceeded. Research Verified has established their dosage based on clinical studies. Check out our full Research Verified review to see how this manufacturer operates. It is refreshing to see a manufacturer that put so much effort into their products.


A bottle of Research Verified 100% Pure Yacon Root Extract contains 60 vegetarian capsules. If taken according to the suggested dosage, one bottle should last you one month. The regular price of one bottle is $69.95. But one can receive discounts if purchased through the Research Verified website:

  • One bottle – $48.00
  • Three bottles – $120.00 (Comes out to $40.00 each)
  • Six bottles – $198.00 (Comes out to $33.00 each)


Research Verified 100% Pure Yacon Root Extract is so proud of their product and believes it to be the best yacon root extract supplement out there, that they offer a one year (365 days) 100% money back guarantee on opened and unopened bottles. (This does not include shipping fees, but hey, still worth it!)

Research Verified Yacon Root Extract Review – Conclusion

Losing weight is hard, and sometimes you need a little more help to deal with the cravings and snacking in between, especially if you are a busy person. Research Verified 100% Pure Yacon Root Extract is reliable in that their supplement can help you deal with those annoying issues, and burn off those extra pounds that are holding you back. But it is not just the yacon root extract that is so important when taking a supplement, it is important that you receive top quality ingredients, and that you get what you are told you are buying: 100% Pure Yacon Root Extract is just that! It has one ingredient, it is made from pure yacon root extract, there are no fillers. Too little of the extract is just as bad as too much, which is why they offer the most potent, healthy standard available. If you are not convinced that this supplement can be the natural way for your weight loss, with a one-year money back guarantee on their product, it can only benefit you to try.

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