Candid Ass’t supplement for yeast infection

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To help maintain a favorable balance of candida, there are some dietary contents helping to detoxify and clean the system of digestion in Candid Ass’t.

Candid Ass’t Review

To help the balance of healthy bacteria overall, there are a number of dietary contents that Candid Ass’t has. Often, candida, which is also known as a yeast infection, is the result of an imbalance in good versus bad bacteria in the body. Yeast lives in your intestines and mouth in a group of micro organisms. Without treatment, yeast is the cause of a lot of people suffering in discomfort including memory loss, foggy brain and fatigue. Other individuals may also suffer from digestive disorders, itchy skin, athlete’s foot, jock itch and infections in the vagina.  When the diet is altered or when supplements of nutrition are taken, a lot of the symptoms brought about by a candida infection can be reversed. Anyone who has ever gone through and felt the discomfort of a yeast infection will want an immediate remedy. Candid Ass’t is one remedy offered in the market today. We decided to check the ingredients of this product and see how it worked.


This product contains ingredients not listed specifically online. Some reports reveal that this product includes:

  • 2 strains of commensals in special gram positive
  • 4 bifidobacterium probiotic strains
  • 9 lactobacillus strains of probiotics


The suggested dose of Candis Ass’t is suggested online. Also , there are no identified side effects for this item. As always, with any treatment, supplement or medication, consult your physician before usage.


With varying prices from one website to another, at the time of this product review, the price of this product for a bottle of ninety capsules was $52.00.


This product has no money back offer or a satisfaction guarantee which may make some consumers wary about trying a product that is not supported by a manufacturer.

Conclusion – Candid Ass’t Review

To help maintain a favorable balance of candida, there are some dietary contents helping to detoxify and clean the system of digestion in Candid Ass’t.  From one individual to another, there will be varied results and this depends on the candida imbalance extent and severity, the general style of life and the diet of a person.

In today’s market, there are various treatment solutions for a yeast infection including this one, which is Candid Ass’t. With this in mind, when you check the ingredients and the price of Candid Ass’t you might want to check other alternatives instead.

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