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Candida Support Formula contains herbs, enzymes, and probiotics that assist in digestion, promote healthy detoxification, and help maintain a healthy balance of intestinal bacteria.

NOW Candida Support Formula Review

This review is on Now’s Candida Support Formula. The dietary supplement claims to promote detoxification, support a healthy intestinal bacteria balance, and assist in food digestion. Candida Support Formula is a quick release capsules formula that has a blend of active ingredients that promote the efficacy of the supplement. This review will cover specific aspects of the product in detail.


Some of the active ingredients in this product include:

  • Herbal ingredients such as Oregano Oil, Black Walnut, and Pau D’arco
  • Naturally occurring plant oils fatty acids such as Caprylic Acid
  • Biotin which is a B-Complex Vitamin

This product aids in the proper digestion and detoxification. It also helps maintain a healthy population of healthy bacteria.

There are other inactive ingredients in the supplement although their roles are not clearly defined. They include:

  • Gelatin capsule
  • Vegetable Magnesium Stearate
  • Rice Powder
  • Silica


The product contains quick releasing capsules that are easily digested. The servings per container are 45 capsules for the 90 package container. The recommended dosage is two capsules twice daily. It is best taken with meals. However, the daily value is not established.

This supplement is not recommended for women who are pregnant or nursing. If you are on other medications or have a pre-existing medical condition, please consult a qualified physician before starting to take it. In the case of any adverse reactions, stop consuming it and immediately see a doctor.


The 90 capsule bottle of this supplement sells for $8.99 off the initial retail price of $19.99. The price is pocket-friendly.


The manufacturer offers a 100% guarantee. This means that consumers can return the product, if it is damaged or if unsatisfactory results are experienced, at any time.

Candida Support Formula Review – Conclusion

Candida Support Formula contains herbs, enzymes, and probiotics that assist in digestion, promote healthy detoxification, and help maintain a healthy balance of intestinal bacteria.  Also, the product is inexpensive making it affordable to many. Most of the users reported significant improvements days after using this supplement. The manufacturer is clear about the dosage thereby reducing incidences of under or overdosing. The manufacturer has given a list of active and inactive ingredients. However, it is not clear what some of the roles the ingredients play in this dietary supplement. We could not determine if the product is hypoallergenic or not. The manufacturer, however, offers a 100% guarantee. Probably, it is a strategy to avoid any legal suits. Although there is a warning of adverse reactions, there is no substantial information concerning any side effects or how to handle them.

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