21st Century Healthcare Nomobo for Bad Breath & Body Odor

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We like the fact that these Nomobo capsules from 21st Century, a Malaysian-based manufacturer, are formulated to work on the source of bad body and breath odors

21st Century Healthcare Nomobo Review

The name of this 21st Century Healthcare product is hard to forget: Nomobo – No-Mo-Bo is a contraction of No Mouth Body Odor. And that’s exactly what it has been formulated to deal with – smelly breath and smelly body.

Using natural and safe herbs in vegetarian capsules, it is said to neutralize bad smells from inside your body. According to the manufacturer, this means you should no longer have to use deodorants or mouthwashes.

It can also apparently help to neutralize the bad odors that plague those unfortunate enough to have to use colostomy bags as the contents of the capsules can be added directly to the bag.


This product does not contain sugar, yeast, starch, salt, animal products, or artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.

Chlorophyll is widely used to help get rid of body odors in general, including that caused by solid bodily waste (feces) as well as flatulence. It is also said to neutralize the ammonia smell that sweating induces.

Parsley and yucca leaves are said to eliminate the smell of bad breath.

We were unable to find detailed information about how much of each of the active ingredients is contained in each capsule.


Take 1 capsule in the morning. A capsule is said to work for up to 24 hours.

For people with colostomy bags: pour the contents of 1 capsule into the bag daily. In addition, swallow 1 capsule every morning.


30 capsules – a one month supply – costs in the region of $11 when converted from RM (Malaysian Ringgit/Dollar) 28.25.

We were unable to find any information from the manufacturer regarding specials or discounts.

The price of $11 appears to be quite high, particularly when one considers the fact that we do not know just how potent the active ingredients in each capsule are. However, as you only need to take one capsule daily, it is actually quite a cost-effective product.


We were unable to find any indication that the manufacturer offers any kind of guarantee for this product. There was nothing about a returns policy on the 21st Century Healthcare website, and we did not find any other online retailer who sells NoMoBo capsules.

21st Century Healthcare Nomobo Review – Conclusion

We like the fact that these Nomobo capsules from 21st Century, a Malaysian-based manufacturer, are formulated to work on the source of bad body and breath odors – from the inside out, as it were.

However, we have many concerns about this product. While it contains several herbal ingredients that one finds in competitive odor-reducing products such as chlorophyll, parsley, and Yukka, there is no indication of how much of each these capsules contain. Is there really sufficient to work effectively for a full 24-hours?

There is no doubt that for people with colostomy bags, a product that reduces the smells from the bags would be an enormous relief – but our concerns about the efficacy of the product apply here too as we were also unable to find any customer reviews or independent information about the product. Everything we learned about Nobomo capsules was from information provided by the manufacturer.

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