Botanic Choice Chlorophyll Concentrate for Bad Breath & Body Odor

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Botanic Choice Chlorophyll Concentrate contains just one active ingredient – Chlorophyll – which has long been used to eliminate the unpleasantness of bad body odor

Botanic Choice Chlorophyll Concentrate Review

There are many professions what require close contact between individuals – think nurses, dentists, hair stylists and so on. The last thing these professionals need is to chase their patients and clients away because they smell less than pleasant. Unfortunately, perfumed deodorants can often just made what it a bad situation, far worse.

This is a review of Botanic Choice’s Chlorophyll Concentrate, a product that has been designed to help eliminate – or at least reduce – bad body odor. The manufacturer does not indicate whether this product is also intended to deal with smelly breath.

With just a single active ingredient – Cjlorophyll – it is said to address the root cause of body odor by “freshing and cleansing” your internal system. It is also said to assist with digestion.


  • Chlorophyll complex                                                       50mg

Other ingredients: Soybean oil, gelatin, glycerine, purified water

This product doesn’t contain sugar, starch, milk, lactose, gluten, wheat, yeast, fish, salt, artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners.

Chlorophyll, the pigment that gives plants their green color and enables them to “breathe” during the photosynthesis process, is used in many products to deal with bad body odors arising from the build up of waste products in the body. When the body eliminates these waste products, either via sweating, urination or the passing of solid waste, the smell of the waste products can be unpleasant.

The source of the gelatin used in the capsules was not disclose, which indicates that it should be used with caution by vegetarians and vegans.  Because it contains soybean oil, it should also be avoided by anyone with a soy allergy.


Take 1 softgel capsule 1 to 4 times daily, preferably with meals.


One container of 60 capsules is currently available at a special price of $4 if you purchase the product directly from the manufacturer on the Botanic Choice website. The regular cost is $6.

The product is also available from other online retailers, such as Amazon, but at a considerably higher cost of around $12.


Botanic Choice offers a one-year money back guarantee on all its products. You simply have to return the unused portion of the container for a full refund.

If you choose to purchase the product from another online retailer at the much higher price, we recommend you check out that retailer’s return policy first.

Botanic Choice Chlorophyll Concentrate Review  – Conclusion

Botanic Choice Chlorophyll Concentrate contains just one active ingredient – Chlorophyll – which has long been used to eliminate the unpleasantness of bad body odor by dealing with the source of the bad smell from the inside.

The manufacturer appears to be confident about the efficacy of this product and so offers a 100% money back guarantee, up to one year after you purchase it.

At a special price of $4 per 60 capsules (and even at the regular price of $6), this would appear to be one of the most affordable anti-body-odor products on the market. However, the chances are you may need to take up to four capsules per day for it to work effectively. That means that one container of 60 capsules won’t even last you a full month. It could also be somewhat inconvenient to have to remember to take a capsule with each meal.

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