Mother Dirt AO + Mist Spray to Combat Body Odor

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Mother Dirt AO + Mist restores a healthy balance for problem skin types including dry skin and oily skin. It also reduces a dependence level on products such as deodorants, makeup

Mother Dirt AO + Mist Review

This is a review of Mother Dirt AO + Mist, a live probiotic spray designed to restore bacteria that we have removed from our body with our continually modernized hygienic routines. The spray is plant-derived, preservative-free, with no added fragrance.  It is allergy-tested, non-irritating, hypoallergenic, clinically-tested & dermatologist-reviewed.


AO + Mist contains the following ingredients:

All of the ingredients are plant-based.  They are also non-petroleum based which are biodegradable and earth-friendly. Mother Dirt products are also never tested on animals.


Recommended use is to shake the bottle each time and then spray on sweat prone areas including face, scalp, underarms, hands, feet, and groin twice a day as the very last step in your typical cleansing routine. Suggested times is post-shower, post workout, and at bedtime.  Adults, babies, and children may use this product alike, including individuals with all skin types and those with extremely sensitive skin.


One bottle of AO + Mist is expensive and sold for $49.00.  Discounts on a third party website for a two-pack is listed at $94.90 and a three-pack for $133.95. A larger discount at 15% is available on the manufacturer’s website for 3 bottles at a high, but a certainly more attractive price of $124.95. First-time customers are offered 20% off their order on the manufacturer’s website.

International shipments, not including Canada, are available for a flat fee of $50 since the product is both time and temperature sensitive.  Shipments are expedited from the US and shipped with cold packs.


Mother Dirt offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a liberal refund policy.  All dissatisfied companies are issued a full refund or a replacement product depending on the customer’s request.

Conclusion – Mother Dirt AO + Mist Skin Probiotic Spray

Mother Dirt AO + Mist restores a healthy balance for problem skin types including dry skin and oily skin. It also reduces a dependence level on products such as deodorants, makeup, and moisturizers with customers requiring shorter showers and using fewer cosmetic products overall. And the mist has no scent whatsoever.

Unfortunately, the shelf life for this product is limited.  Once you open your AO + Mist, it must be used after four weeks if left at room temperature or the bacteria will start to lose activity.  If refrigerated, the product must be used within six months. And those who use the product daily say that the spray mist lasts no more than a month.  At the price point for this spray, it means investing a lot of money on this product.

Given that a primary goal in using this spray is in eliminating unpleasant body odors, we felt compelled to research other products on the market for comparison.  For example, products designed to eliminate bodily odors and bad breath typically use chlorophyll as one of their main ingredients. Since the manufacturer of Mother Dirt AO + Mist acknowledges that everyone’s microbiome is unique and that not everyone will respond to the spray in the same way, it seems highly worthwhile to learn about these other chlorophyll-based products on the market which are both less expensive, can be sent to addresses outside of North America, and are clinically proven for treating malodors.

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