Zuma Labs Chloromint for Bad Breath & Body Odor

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It seems that Chloromint is a useful product in dealing with unpleasant smells as people are now able to deal with hot temperatures or even stressful sweats

Zuma Labs Chloromint Review

People may suffer from bad body odor. While some people might be embarrassed about this smelly problem, Chloromint is a product that may help. Chloromint claims to assist with body odor. It seems that Chloromint goes after body odor by attempting to purify the body from the inside out. Read more about our Zuma Labs Chloromint review below. Discover everything you need to know about Chloromint in our review.


We have been unable to find the ingredients for Chloromint on the manufacturer’s website. It is interesting to point out that this same website shows a picture of a bottle of Chloromint. On the bottle, Chloromint is described as an herbal body odor preventative.


We were unable to find any information about the recommended dosage of Chloromint on the manufacturer’s website. However, we have conducted thorough research online. It is advised that your healthcare provider provides you with the recommended dose of Chloromint. If you have not taken a dose of Chloromint in time, you should do so when you have the chance to take it. It is recommended that you omit the missed dose when the time comes for you to take your next dose. Then, make sure to keep to your regular dosing schedule. You shouldn’t take more than one dose of Chloromint at the same time.


One bottle of Chloromint costs $18.95 on the manufacturer’s website. From our research, we have found that Chloromint can be bought online on the manufacturer’s website.


A complete 60-day full money back guarantee is offered by the manufacturer.

Shipping of the returns is not paid for by the manufacturer. In addition, the manufacturer offers a full, not prorated refund for any reason. Another plus is that customers who return the product don’t have to order the same or similar products on the manufacturer’s website. The manufacturer also offers ground, priority and overnight shipping on its website. In addition, shipping is offered in Australia, Canada, and Europe, as well as similar locations.

However, the manufacturer does not explain how many days are necessary for returns of the products. Therefore, we feel that the guarantee is slightly lacking.

Zuma Labs Chloromint Review – Conclusion

It seems that Chloromint is a useful product in dealing with unpleasant smells as people are now able to deal with hot temperatures or even stressful sweats – all because of Chloromint. If an internal problem exists, Chloromint is able to eliminate this cause.

There are some negative points to take into consideration when it comes to Chloromint. The manufacturer’s website has no customer reviews of Chloromint. Therefore, we have no idea if people have tried this product or if they would recommend using it. We also find it worrying that the manufacturer’s website does not list any of Chloromint’s ingredients. The manufacturer’s website also does not provide any dosage recommendations of Chloromint. Therefore, we advise people to think about choosing another product instead of only considering Chloromint.

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