Nature’s Way Chlorofresh Review

Bad breath and body odors are isolating and embarrassing conditions that can be hard to keep under control. Many will find that regular deodorants and breath fresheners only offer minimal relief and are not enough to help effectively ward off offensive odors. The problem with most products is that they only tackle odor causing problems externally when they […]

Puritan’s Pride Chewable Chlorophyll Review

Bad breath is an embarrassing condition and many will find that regularly brushing their teeth and maintaining good oral hygiene isn’t enough to keep their breath fresh. The problem with generic mouthwash and breath fresheners is that they only offer temporary external relief from bad breath and don’t get to the root of the odor-causing problem. This review […]

Quality of Life Deodorex Review

Bad breath and body odor are embarrassing conditions that are often attributed to maintaining poor hygiene. However, this is a common misconception because bad breath and body odor usually signify a deeper issue from within. The problem with odor suppressing products is that they only target the external issues and don’t combat the problem at […]

Rainbow Light MintAsure Fresh Breath Capsules Review

Bad breath is a condition that is commonly believed to be caused by bad oral hygiene or from eating odor-causing foods like onion and garlic. This is a common misconception because while bad breath can be made worse by odor-causing foods and having bad oral hygiene, it most likely signifies a  problem from within the […]

Research Verified Body & Breath Review

Research Verified Body & Breath Natural Deodorant offers a safe way to eliminate malodors by tackling the main root of the problem. This supplement contains ingredients that are known to not only deodorize, but also eliminate bacteria that cause the odors in the first place. It also helps strengthen the immune system which helps keep […]

World Organic Breath Buddies Review

Bad breath can be an embarrassing and isolating condition, leaving anybody experiencing it in the market for a product that can offer fast and effective relief. The problem with common bad breath treatments is that they only band-aid the problem with a temporary solution. This review is going to examine World Organic Breath Buddies.  Bad […]

Yerba Prima Odor Cleanse Review

Sweat is commonly believed to be the factor that causes body odor. This is a common misconception because sweat does not inherently smell bad. Body odor is caused when sweat comes into contact with bacteria that resides on your skin. Oftentimes generic deodorants don’t provide effective relief from body odor because they tackle the problem externally […]