About Nail Fungus

Fungi live in warm and moist environments, such as swimming pools and showers. Therefore, it is highly recommended to wear footwear in public places. Fungi can enter your skin through the smallest cut and don’t need sunlight to survive. Nail fungus can be caused by skin infections, smoking, recurring nail infections, diabetes, chemotherapy, poor circulation, humid climates, AIDS or a general poor state of health. In some cases, a nail may become infected for no apparent reason. The treatment options for nail fungus include medication, antifungal nail paint, nail removal, laser treatment and in severe cases even surgery. Even after a successful treatment, in about one in four cases, the infection may return within three years.

Barielle Fungus RX Review

BARIELLE® Fungus RX is known to set you free from nail fungus and keep bacteria at bay as many other available treatments available today. The treatment is scent free and according the firm it’s highly effective in solving the problem of these infections. We decided to do some research on this treatment; we found numerous […]

Brittle Nail Rejuvenation with Tea Tree Nail Saver – JĀSÖN Review

JẴSÖN Pure, Natural & Organic Tea Tree Oil Nail Saver has been produced to protect and heal your nails. It improves brittleness, cracking, hang nails and infection, although the particular infections are not known. According to resources on the retail sites JẴSÖN Natural Products have been in existence for 55 years, providing users with a […]

Clear Guard Fungi-Nail Review

This is a review of the original Fungi-Nail Toe and Foot Anti-Fungal Solution. The Fungi-Nail liquid solution is used to treat fungus that infects the fingers and toes. It is also used to treat athlete’s foot which is an infection that comes along with toe fungus. It treats the fungal infections that occur on the […]

Clearzal Foot Care products Review

ClearZal® B-A-C Antimicrobial Solution is a clinically verified nail system treatment fights fungal and bacterial infections found in your finger and toe nails. According to ClearZal® their formula removes damaged tissues and penetrates the infected areas while killing germs to ensure that your nails are cured from fungus and bacteria. The treatment contains Aloe to […]

Fungavir Review

This is a review for Fungavir which is an anti-nail fungus treatment product. It is one of the best nail fungus treatment products that I have been able to review as of late. The manufacturer claims that this product is able to get to the bottom of even the most stubborn nail fungus by penetrating […]