Hair Loss Solutions

Hair Loss Solutions

I grew up with gorgeous long wild hair. It was brown with curls and waves that covered me when I slept. Of course, like most girls, I got bored with my hair and decided to chemically straighten my curls as well as cut and color my hair. I was a champagne blond, then a red-head, decided to go deep purple for the winter, had black hair with red streaks, had blond highlights, cut everything off again and straightened it again with a few keratin treatments. So yes, I have put my hair through a lot – as most women do. The result is hair that has become weak and often falls out. I still straighten my hair with an iron at least twice a week and blow dry it often so my hair takes a lot of abuse in the name of beauty! So the best thing is to get its strength and luster back. Let’s look at the different options available for this.


When hair falls out you need to look at solutions that work. Hair supplements that work on growing the hair and making it strong are important and need to be included in your diet everyday. You need supplements that contain a lot of the B Vitamins as well as Biotin. Research Verified reviews will lead you to all the best hair growth supplements on the market.


Exercising regularly actually helps to promote hair growth. When you exercise, happy hormones (serotonin) are increased which reduces stress. You see, when you are stressed, your hair is affected and starts falling out. Also when you exercise, you sweat. When you sweat from your scalp, hair follicles are unclogged  which allow the room needed for new hair follicles to grow. Just remember that through all the sweat, toxins are released from the skin pores. Exercise also increases blood circulation to the muscles, skin as well as the scalp. Take note, if you love doing laps in the pool wear a swimming cap at all times to protect your hair from chlorine damage.


A lack of healthy nutrients in the body will not help when wanting beautiful strong, long and glorious hair. Food that you should be consuming daily for gorgeous hair are:

  • Eggs – Eggs are one of the best sources of protein and will help you maintain strong and healthy hair.
  • Nuts and Seeds – The Omega-3 Fatty Acids found inside these work to both nourish the hair as well as support thickening.
  • Carrots – The Vitamin A found in carrots help the scalp produce the natural sebum oil contributing to healthy roots and a boost in hair growth.
  • Avocadoes – Avocados contain Vitamin E which improves blood circulation helping the hair follicles work more effectively thus helping towards hair growth. They also contain biotin which helps toward hair growth.
  • Whole Grains – Another great source of biotin, whole grains also contain Iron, Zinc and B vitamins necessary for hair growth.
  • Citrus Fruits – These fruits contain good amounts of Vitamin C which helps with hair growth.
  • Spinach and other dark leafy greens – These give the body Iron. If the body doesn’t get enough Iron, hair will tend to fall out.

You don’t need to live in fear of your hair falling out. Take your supplements, eat well, exercise and you will see the difference. Also remember that you can purchase great hair masks from any salon that will nourish your hair and will help it grow strong and beautiful too!

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Pauline RN, BSN, MSN, works as an emergency room nurse and has seen it all over her 20 year career. She is extremely dedicated to her job and is a member of the California Emergency Nurses Association.A strong believer in balanced eating and regular exercise, Pauline enjoys trying out new recipes and participating in Mud Runs with her partner. Protection Status

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