Healthy Food for Christmas

How to Avoid Christmas Weight Gain

The holidays are a time when you celebrate by gathering around a table full of holiday treats with the people you love the most. The issue with this is that the holiday season is one in which calorie intake skyrockets. The common perception is that the holiday season starts from Thanksgiving and lasts until New Year’s but research has shown that holiday weight gain actually begins at the end of October and lasts all the way until after New Year’s. It is estimated that the weight you put on over the holidays can take more than five months to shed, although there are conflicting reports about how many actual pounds are gained every holiday season on average. Continue reading to learn tips on how to avoid the anticipated Christmas weight gain.


Holiday weight gain is not something that is unknown. The reason why so many people fail to keep to their diets over the holidays is because the holidays are a time of indulgence and many people find that having to limit themselves causes stress. Statistics show that those who commit to entirely banning unhealthy holiday foods from their diet end up failing sooner than those who set realistic expectations for themselves. There are a variety of all natural plant-derived supplements that can help burn fat and cause you to feel less hungry and take out  the work of trying to balance diet over the holiday season. Talk to your doctor before trying one out to make sure that they are safe for you. To learn more about how to safely pick a weight loss supplement that is right for your needs check out Research Verified Garcinia Cambogia review. Finding time to work out when you’re away from home or busy with family can be hard. Taking a natural weight loss supplement can help you maintain your weight without driving yourself crazy trying to find the time to workout.

Portion Control

Although it is oftentimes believed that in order to maintain or lose weight you have to entirely cut out foods from your diet, that is not necessarily true. Research has shown that when it comes to indulging, it is okay to do as long as you do so in moderation. Trade your entree plate for a starter plate to ensure that you take smaller portions of food. Using a smaller plate can prevent also you from overeating.

Trim the Fat

When reaching for a piece of ham or a slice of pie, leave the extras out. Having a smaller portion of ham without the skin can save up to 200 calories and skipping the scoop of ice cream or whipped cream with your pie can save you around 320 calories as well. It’s an easy way to indulge while cutting back from unnecessary calories. On Christmas day, don’t fall for the bowl of potato chips or chocolates lying around before the meal. Nibbling throughout the day can add up to what is estimated to be around 500 calories throughout the day!

This holiday season, pressuring and stressing yourself out about your diet will statistically cause you to fail. Make sure to set realistic goals for yourself to ensure that you still enjoy the day without gaining weight.

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