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Why New Year’s Resolutions Don’t Work

Why Aren’t My New Year’s Resolutions Working?

New year’s resolutions are quite amusing. They should actually be redefined as “cold-turkey” resolutions. The reason for this is that people who have really bad habits such as smoking or eating junk food continuously suddenly say to themselves ‘Well, old friend, it’s the new year so goodbye forever.’ Unfortunately the saying ‘old habits die hard’ is very true. It’s almost impossible to just stop drinking alcohol or smoking or eating straight away. You see these things are very much ‘creature comforts’ for those addicted to them. The actual only way to make new year’s resolutions work is by taking seriously slow baby steps.

Losing Weight

Look, I’ve been there before. Being overweight is no joke. You feel sluggish, tired and unattractive. Clothes you once cherished don’t fit anymore and going on a blind date can be a nightmare of worry. The best advice I can give, since I’ve battled with this for a long time and successfully won is to take it step by step with these 5 major important steps:

  • new year's resolution to lose weightSee A Dietitian – A dietitian will help guide you towards eating correctly and teach you how to eat delicious and tasty food without gaining weight.

Alternative: Pick up a book from the local bookstore on healthy eating.

  • Get A Gym Contract & Hire A Personal Trainer – Most gyms have an array of personal trainers you can choose from. A trainer will help motivate you to get to the gym and have a special plan, especially catered for you to get fitter, stronger and lose weight.

Alternative: Set aside time everyday to work out either at home while watching a workout video on YouTube or do the circuit at gym.

  • Take A Health Supplement – By adding a natural weight loss supplement to your weight loss plan, you will naturally lose extra fat. Remember to consult with your physician before starting with these. The best weight loss supplement on the market which everyone is going crazy over currently is Garcinia Cambogia. Read this Research Verified Garcinia Cambogia review to find out more!
  • Keep Healthy Snacks Close By – You needn’t feel guilty eating all day if what you are consuming is healthy and doesn’t pile on the pounds. Celery sticks with hummus, almonds, a small tub of greek yogurt and raw honey all make fantastic snacks.
  • Watch Your Beverages – In order to lose weight permanently you need to stop gulping down sodas and coffee. If you have a soda habit keep it to diet sodas and if you love coffee keep it to skim or lowfat milk and use sweeteners. Try drink as much green tea as possible as it will burn fat and speed up the metabolism and stick to as much mineral water as possible.

Giving Up Cigarettes

new year's resolution to stop smokingGiving up smoking is a big new year resolution for millions around the world. You see, most people who do smoke, really want to give it up but are so addicted they can’t. Giving up smoking is huge. The withdrawal symptoms are major where you will feel anxious and want to chew on something all the time. The good news is that after 3 months your body will have adjusted and you will stop craving them. The best solution I found after years of trying to give up was to follow the ‘Allen Carr’ method. By following his method you can enjoy smoking while giving up. He takes you through the process slowly yet efficiently. Though, at the end of the day you need to have the right mindset and want to give up smoking for you, not to please anyone else. Giving up will make the world of difference to your life, improve its quality and will extend your years.

New year resolutions are a great motivator because it motivates people to progress in positive ways. Just take it slow and those goals you so dearly want to achieve will be obtained!

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Pauline RN, BSN, MSN, works as an emergency room nurse and has seen it all over her 20 year career. She is extremely dedicated to her job and is a member of the California Emergency Nurses Association.A strong believer in balanced eating and regular exercise, Pauline enjoys trying out new recipes and participating in Mud Runs with her partner. Protection Status

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