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Cyber Monday Sales!

What a week it’s been! You’ve celebrated Thanksgiving and enjoyed amazing times with family, splurged on Black Friday on super hot deals and now it’s Cyber Monday! So after the big Black Friday sales on appliances and gadgets, now you can focus on the best things in the world – fashion and shoes (ahhh!). So…

5 Reasons Hemorrhoids Occur

Hemorrhoids are never nice. The actual word comes from the original word “Haemorrhoids”, which is a combination of two words: The Latin “Haemorrhoidae”, split up as  “Haemo” which means “blood” and “Rhoidae” which translates into the word “flowing” and the Greek “Haimorrhoos.” Over the centuries, the spelling of the word has changed and the original…

Keeping Hydrated In Fall

Waterfalls are beautiful. They are huge bodies of water that are pleasing to the eye and hold their own mystery. They hold a continuous flow of water that pours down hitting all thing below in hard, continuous slaps. Sometimes gorgeous rainbows are formed within these falls. Fall, on the other hand holds its own mystery… Protection Status

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