Naticura Hem-Control Review

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All in all, our Naticura Hem-Control review leads us to rate it favorably. The ingredients are 100% vegetarian and vegan-friendly, which is a plus.

Naticura Hem-Control Review

In this review of Naticura Hem-Control, our goal is to help you determine if this is right for you. There are countless hemorrhoid treatment options and you want be as informed as possible about the one you choose. This product claims to be all-natural, with no chemicals or fillers used. Unlike most hemorrhoid treatments, it is a capsule you swallow – not a cream. Is it right for you and your family?


And a proprietary blend of natural ingredients including: Cayenne Pepper Fruit, Diosmin & Hesperidin(derived from the Sweet Orange), White Oak Bark, Sage Leaf, Butchers Broom Root, Dandelion Root, Bilberry Powder, Rutin Powder (Flower Bud), Mullein Leaf, Plantain Leaf, Red Root, Stone Root, Red Sage Root, Guar Gum, Senna Leaf Extract (20% Sennosides).

The first ingredient listed in Naticura Hem-Control is witch hazel powder. This is a common ingredient in natural hemorrhoid treatments, with the express purpose of calming itching, burning and pain, the most common symptoms. The next ingredient, horse-chestnut seed, has been shown to prevent hemorrhoids from occurring, while also getting rid of existing cases. The same is true of ginger root. The capsules are vegetable cellulose and there are no additives.


There are two different directions: If you already have hemorrhoids, or if you’re trying to prevent them.


To treat your hemorrhoids, you’ll need to take three capsules per day, preferably with meals, until your symptoms are gone. Drink at least six eight-ounce glasses of water during the day. Because this is a capsule, not an ointment, you will not gain instant relief.


If you are looking to prevent hemorrhoids, the dosage gets a bit smaller. Take one to two capsules per day with meals. If your physician instructs differently, follow his or her direction.


The price of a bottle of 180 capsules of Naticura Hem-Control is $24.88. While there are no further savings if you buy in bulk, you will receive free shipping if your order is more than $49. There are no alternate sizes to choose from.


This product is kosher, and is safe for both vegetarians and vegans. Naticura also provides what it calls a “satisfaction guarantee”, under which, if you’re not satisfied, just let them know and they will provide a full refund, no questions.

Naticura Hem-Control Review- Conclusion

All in all, our Naticura Hem-Control review leads us to rate it favorably. The ingredients are 100% vegetarian and vegan-friendly, which is a plus. It is also a unique form compared to most hemorrhoid treatments, being a capsule; this may be more convenient for many than the hassle of applying and reapplying topical treatments. On the other hand, those who don’t like swallowing will avoid it. Amazon customer reviews at the time of writing provided an encouraging positive to negative feedback ratio at at 79% positive to 9% negative. Our greatest concern, which should be considered seriously, is that the capsule format means it takes time to work whereas some topical treatments can provide nearly instant results.

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