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This product does have a money back guarantee, or rather; a refund policy in place and it does use a good ingredient and therefore, it may be viewed as an alright product.

Bio Nutrition Moringa Review

The following review examines all the real facts about a product called Bio Nutrition Moringa. This product claims that it may be beneficial for overall health as it is rich in vitamins, minerals and nutrients which will assist with the correct and proper functions of the human body such as the maintenance of a healthy immune system, mental alertness, proper digestion, skin and heart health.


  • Moringa Oleifera – 5000 mg

Moringa oleifera is a plant extract that is a high source of vitamins, mineral and proteins and therefore it is most beneficial for many body functions and developments and is also beneficial as an antioxidant. This ingredient may help treat many ailments such as anemia and heart conditions to name a couple. Research advises that this ingredient is likely safe when used correctly and the suggested safe dosage is 6 grams for three weeks and this dosage should not be exceeded and it is also suggested not to be safe for use during pregnancy and lactation.


The manufacturer suggests that you should use one capsule twice per day along with water and after a meal. Alternatively, you could opt to use this product along with the advice of a healthcare practitioner as a safety precaution and this is most likely the best option as according to our research, this product uses and suggests an extremely high dosage which may not be safe and this is both unusual and concerning.


You can purchase this product online through the Bio Nutrition website for $19.95 for a bottle that contains 60 vegetarian-friendly capsules which, if used as advised, is a one month supply. Unfortunately, there does not seem to be any kinds of discounted options available for bulk purchases unlike with other similar products that are available from leading brands.


The manufacturer does not advertise a money back guarantee although their website does state that they accept returns for opened products within 30 days of purchase and that you will be required to return the unused portion along with an explanation of why you would like a refund. The product is also required to in the original box and packaging along with the receipt in order to qualify for a refund. It is slightly disappointing that they do not advertise this discount as this may suggest that the manufacturer is not entirely confident or willing to accept refund requests.

Bio Nutrition Moringa Review – Conclusion

This product does have a money back guarantee, or rather; a refund policy in place and it does use a good ingredient and therefore, it may be viewed as an alright product. The main ingredient used is in an extremely high dosage and this may cause alarm as research suggests that the used dosage may not be safe. This product also has no discounts and no customer reviews and there is little to no proof that it really is effective and therefore, we recommend that you should rather opt for a product that is more suitable for you and one that is available from leading brands which would prove to be a more trusted option.

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