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There are two factors that make Herbal Hills Moringa Tablet stand out from its competitors in this highly contested market of Moringa oleifera supplements.

Herbal Hills Moringa Review

There’s been a great deal of interest in Moringa as a powerful herbal supplement in recent years. That’s not surprising, given the wide range of beneficial health properties the leaves of the Moringa plant ranging from improved digestion to boosted energy levels, bone and joint wellness, and a stronger immune system. In addition, it is said to help maintain normal blood pressure levels and assist with digestion, including serving to help detox the liver and kidneys. In a nutshell, Moringa is widely regarded as an antioxidant which also supports the body’s cardiovascular, digestion, metabolic, immunomodulatory and neurological systems.

The Moringa oleifera plant is also known as the Shigu plant in Northern India.

This is a review of Herbal H’s Moringa Tablet, which is based on an Ayurvedic formulation derived from a powder of Shigeru leaves. Ayurveda is a system of health care that developed in India thousands of years ago.


There is no other information about how the tablets are actually manufactured. All we were able to establish is that the leaf powder is “synergistically processed with highly advanced technology” by Herbal Hills, using “authentic Ayurvedic herbs”. We presume something has to be added to the leaf power to enable it to be transformed into a tablet but what that is, is anyone’s guess.


Take 1 tablet twice daily, preferably with warm water.

This means you would effectively be consuming 1000mg of the active ingredient daily – which is considerably less than the amount provided by competitive products.

However, you can increase the recommended on the advice of your healthcare provider.


Although you cannot purchase Herbal Hills Moringa Tablet directly from Herbal Hills, a container of 700 tablets – that’s virtually a year’s supply – can be obtained from online retail stores for less than $33. That is virtually a fraction of the cost of competitive products – even taking into account that the amount of active ingredient in each table might be slightly lower.


We were unable to find any information about a guarantee for its Moringa Tablet on the Herbal Hills website, but as you cannot purchase the product from the manufacturer, that should not matter too much. Rather, check out the returns policy offered by the online retailer from whom you purchase the product.

Herbal Hills Moringa Tablet Review – Conclusion

There are two factors that make Herbal Hills Moringa Tablet stand out from its competitors in this highly contested market of Moringa oleifera supplements. The first is its price – it is incredibly affordable with a whopping 700 tablets costing a fraction of the price of competitive supplements.

The second is that, according to the manufacturer, this Moringa offering is based on an ancient Ayurvedic formulation.

However, our main concern was whether these tablets, while cheap, might not also possibly be a little nasty. It’s not that we have any proof of this: it’s just that there is hardly any information about the tablets themselves provided by the manufacturer. So we have questions like: what else is in the tablets besides Shigru leaves? Why is there no manufacturer’s guarantee? Where and how are the tablets manufactured and what kind of quality control is involved in the manufacturing process?

We have no answers.

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