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While writing this review of Anusol, one fact was prevalent: Anusol certainly seems to have a few upsides to it.

Anusol Review

When you suffer from hemorrhoids, only one thing matters: Relief. You don’t want a product that won’t hold up to its promises, that won’t stop the pain and burning. And that is the main point of this Anusol review: To help ensure that you purchase a product that will help. No one wants to buy a product, wait for it to arrive, and then have it not work, right?


Anusol only has one active ingredient: Zinc sulfate monohydrate 0.5%. This is an anti-inflammatory agent, designed to reduce the swelling typical of hemorrhoids as well as the pain, burning and itching associated with it. However, it isn’t without risk. Though Anusol is a non-prescription, natural option, the use of zinc sulfate monohydrate 0.5% without at speaking to a doctor can lead to health problems, especially if you have a pre-existing medical condition.


When using Anusol to treat your hemorrhoids, you’re going to want to keep a tube handy at all times; you need to apply it religiously. To begin, you must wash and dry the affected area thoroughly. After that, you can apply Anusol to the affected area at your own discretion. To ensure that it works as it is advertised, you’ll need to do this at least every four hours. You should also reapply the ointment after every bowel movement.


It was actually extremely difficult to locate the price of a tube of Anusol as it is not listed on the manufacturer’s website. Make of that what you will. With a Google search and some quick conversions, we quickly came to a rough figure but we felt the most reliable pricing was Amazon’s $15.50 for a 30 gram tube.


Despite looking everywhere, and searching through multiple search engines and websites, we could not locate any guarantee. We could not find guarantees that Anusol works as advertised, nor could we find a money-back guarantee. So it seems there is no risk-free way to try it. Then again, we can understand the technical difficulties in accepting a product like this for return, if used.

Anusol Review Conclusion

While writing this review of Anusol, one fact was prevalent:  Anusol certainly seems to have a few upsides to it. For one, the formula, which uses only one active ingredient, zinc sulfate monohydrate 0.5%. This ingredient certainly works as an anti-inflammatory agent, relieving pain, itching and burning. The price, once found, is fairly cheap. And a decent number of Amazon customer reviews (67 as of writing) had an encouraging positive to negative rating ration of 83% positive and only 6% negative.

However, the downsides is there does not seem to be any kind of guarantee. In addition, you have to reapply the product multiple times a day and that could become a burden. The main ingredient, zinc sulfate monohydrate 0.5%, can also prove dangerous outside of medical supervision. It might be best to consider competitor’s products.

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